The Western world gearing to have more women Presidents: Candidature of Ms. Clinton and Ms. Kirchner

imagenjjm10101190227.jpgA new history would be created in two populous democracies, if Ms. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and Ms. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, two women, will win the democratic battle of election to hold the most powerful and influential positions of their respective countries. This is not just my wish but also a conclusion that has been formed after a detailed analysis of facts at hand. If the conclusion proves right, then for sure, the world would have an entirely new face.

Ms. Clinton is fighting to be the President of one of the most powerful states in the world- the United States of America. The survey suggests that she is far ahead of all other contestants specially Mr. Barack Obama. It is important at this stage to focus on the grey areas as well. Hillary Clinton still has negative ratings in some of the key states of the United States of America. Of all the criticisms raised against her, the most popular and the most baseless is the power-hungry factor. Rodham Clinton is projected as a power-hungry manipulator. But how far is this censure true? It is commonplace knowledge that power is the magnetic intoxication that attracts most of the individuals to the web of politics, many a times the gravitational pull of power supersedes the sublime wishes to serve the society. The problem lies in the definition of power with respect to gender. When a man contests for power, it is not amusing as power becomes his right rather a synonym of his gender. Power for a woman is not her right. It is something for which she has to struggle for. It is something for which she has to prove her feminity and not her ability. A woman is never considered equal to a man when it comes to decoding the construct of power. Therefore, when a woman demands power, it undermines the very fabric of societal ethics and cultural norms. The United States of America is certainly intimidated if not frightened by the prospect of a woman becoming the president. To accept a woman to be the head of armed forces is beyond mental fathoms of many Americans. Ms. Clinton is a highly qualified woman capable of handling any crisis situations if required. The failure of her health care plan in the past during Clinton’s presidency cannot be the only yardstick to measure Hillary’s political will and stamina. Clearly gender sets the barrier. Her policies do not have anything to do with the polarization against her. Her agenda include strengthening the middle class, providing affordable and accessible health care, ending the war in Iraq, energy independence, solving the issue of global warming, supporting parents and caring children, helping veterans, improving America’s standing in the world, strengthening women and democracy.

Woman in power indicates the transformation of the society for its betterment. A woman is more capable than a man as she can not only handle the areas of a man’s concern but also look into other issues which men fear to turn their face at. Rodham Clinton’s polarization has also been attributed to her husband’s persona. Americans do not wish to see Mr. Bill Clinton back in the White House post his involvement in sex scandals. Worst to add, Ms. Clinton has to take the brunt of her husband’s extra marital relationship. Mr. Edward Klein in his recent book denigrating Ms. Clinton feels that she would have remained an unpopular figure had it been not for the Monica Lewinsky case. It is unfortunate that I am forced to take up these issues while admiring a woman who is a hero. But avoiding them would mean injustice as well. The mindset of people has a lot to do with the progress of a whole nation. The world is constantly under transformation, on a move towards progress. There is change everywhere. If Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton manages to set history, then as a proud woman, I could say, “change is for the good”.

The situation is much more simple in Argentina as the country has had a woman president in its past, Ms. Isabel Peron. Argentina has had a history of strong women. But then Ms. Cristina Kirchner’s election is significant as her victory indicates the decision of the people. If elected, she would be the first woman president to be elected to power through the most trusted process of democracy. Fernandez de Kirchner has been active in demanding effective ways to curb human rights violations. Though she has been having low profile campaigns for the election, she is believed to have nearly fifty percent votes in her favour and is ahead of other candidates by at least thirty percent.

Ms. Fernández de Kirchner has promised to continue with policies of the current government headed by her husband Mr. Kirchner. His presidency is known to have saved Argentina from an economic crisis that nearly sank sixty percent of its population to poverty. This is seen as the cause for her major support though not an absolute one. She has had a political career before her husband was elected president. This is in fact a major difference between Ms. Kirchner and Ms. Clinton. Ms. Cristina Kirchner did not grow under her husband’s shadow; rather she grew along with her husband. She has played an active role as a senator. She has stood for the benefits of those belonging to disadvantaged groups. Critics speculate that the Kirchner’s plan to alternate presidential terms for years to come. Argentine law allows presidents to seek only two consecutive four-year terms, but permits repeated non-consecutive mandates. The critics too would agree on the strong personality of Ms. Kirchner. Ms. Kirchner is understood to be a negotiator by nature. She appeals to the middle class. Ms. Cristina Kirchner is credited for her exemplary diplomatic skills, which is hoped to bring more foreign investments to Argentina, which the country very badly needs. Naturally, Ms. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner is credited with a very strong sense of social mobility and individualism and therefore her victory would ensure change not just in Argentina but also in the whole continent of Latin America.

However, a couple months more of waiting is required to know the verdict of American people, just within a few days Ms. Cristina Kirchner’s political future will be decided… probably even before you log on to this article.

Annapoorna Karthika