cosmic2.jpg There is the solar system outside this planet, the Milky Way Galaxy beyond this solar system and the vast universe beyond that. What lies beyond the universe? Some scientists have come forward with the answer and say that there are more universes other than ours. That is okay, but then, what is there beyond this entire hub of universes? What is there beyond everything More interestingly, WHY is all of this existing in the first place? What is the need of talking of the good, the bad and the ugly? What is the point of success and failure? What is the point of so many languages, so many castes and religions? What are we actually achieving out of this? It is weird, all of a sudden everything we ever did or achieve seems so meaningless when one thinks of the very purpose of the existence of the universe or anything beyond…And somehow no answers can be found

Man throughout history has been trying to find the answers to these very questions in smaller ways. Our strife towards development has unknowingly been leading us to these questions. The curiosity of what lies beyond has always existed. And, to a very large extent, we have been successful enough to find the answers to some of these questions. Science and religion have been two of the most instrumental tools in mankind’s path towards the truth of WHAT. But, it seems that the WHY of all these WHATs has been left unanswered and untouched.

Religion has given God or the higher power as the answer to most of our questions. If it is the higher power for religion, it is energy for science. If I ask you what the requirement of such a higher power/ energy is, you would say that nothing would exist around us without that power, without God. And then I ask, what the purpose of all this existence is? What would happen if all this were not to exist? The first time I asked myself this very question, I concluded that the answer is “NOTHING”. I thought that if nothing were to exist, then there would be a Void. But then, the next puzzling question struck me. Any existing thing has to be somewhere, even void. It has to exist some where. Then where would this void that I am referring to exist? Further, why does this “somewhere”, where the void exists, exist? The question is beyond why the zero could exist. Rather, it is questioning of the existence of the paper on which the zero is written.

Science and religion have answered many of our questions. But, unfortunately, the two have never complimented each other. The two communities have always tried to compete with each other for the truth, more so, for the right path to that truth. It is sad that two of the greatest institutions that man ever established turned out to be the greatest rivals as well. I sometimes feel that had the two been working together maybe, just maybe, we could have found the answers to all the WHYs and the “void” that I have talked about.

If we were to find the answers to this puzzle, then I think we can unlock all the secrets of all the mysteries we have ever thought up off, or for that matter, those mysteries which have been untouched, just like this one. It is like a never ending puzzle of WHAT and WHY and the WHY of WHAT. And ultimately, why is this puzzle an existence in the first place? Thinking deep are you? Yes, so am I.

Vijay Krishna

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