The Winking Cursor – Confessions of a Writer

Writer’s BlockSome of the more sensible readers would quite easily discern the inability of this writer to come to the point initially. Well, if I do come to the point initially I guess I would have nothing but a line or two to narrate. Which, dear reader, isn’t something very great. To make the article a sizeable one, to make it readable enough, one has to compromise on brevity at some point and vouch for verbosity. One has to articulate. If brevity is the soul of wit, verbosity is wit in flesh and blood, in black and white, cloaking the delicate soul of wit.

The point is wit per se is brief enough to be imperceptible, even to the more discerning of readers. You have to cloak wit in “creative” layers of black and white to make the fare more palatable, and to make the wit therein more evident. Bear with me, dear reader. You know this writer’s block! It’s terrible. So very frightening! Once in a while I sit down to put some words to paper or type out a word or two. Ah, then I feel the agony and the ecstasy of staring at the blinking cursor on a blank screen! Huh, how it blinks! How it winks! You know the feeling, don’t you? Ah, how would you?

Anyhow, writer’s block, eh! It’s awfully hard, you know, to figure out exactly what you want to say in an interaction with a reader as discerning as you are. This happens, perhaps, when the writer’s thought process stagnates, and an inertia of sorts entangles his otherwise restless fingers. Being restless is not enough. Nor even advisable, I guess. One has to be thoughtful enough. How thoughtful of me!

I want to showcase how weird it feels when you struggle for words even though you have plenty of ideas swirling in your head. The ideas don’t often translate into words unless you make a conscious effort. And making a choice is very hard when you know a little about everything but nothing substantial about anything. You have to focus your words around a specific idea. That is what makes a write-up readable. There’s something that’s telling me I can’t write any further but persevere, I will. Write, I will. Think, I will. And read, you will. No? Anyhow, that a reader is still with me is encouraging enough. It’s me. I read my articles more often than anyone else.

So even if you find me irritating you have to concede that I have been honest enough. Honest enough in admitting how difficult it is sometimes to achieve that magical transformation of ideas into words, to let the ideas flow, and to let the walls that wall the reader from the writer fall.

“Some people have something to say, And some people have to say something!

Which category do I fall in is a question I wouldn’t even want to answer. For in asking that question I’d limit myself to either of the categories. And being stereotyped as either is an insult to the human urge to express. Even if you experience a writer’s block you must persevere. Sometimes we have something to say while sometimes we need to say something…

Ravi Kunjwal