The World Beneath

creativity.jpg‘Did you get it? Ya, it depicted the journey between the world of illusion to the world of reality, highlighting the importance of creativity in one’s life.’

This was a conversation which I had with my friend on the night we watched ‘Mithya’. Mithya is a film which revolves around money, deceit, betrayal and lies. The Mumbai underworld is all about this, and more. VK ( Ranvir Shorey ) came to Mumbai, chasing big film dreams, like thousands of others when fate made him a pawn in a master game plan of the underworld. He, unknowingly, got entangled into a whirlpool of events and his passion for acting awarded him with a tragic death.

The world of illusion can be given the face of reality only through creativity. The world of reality is full of hardships and hurdles that man strives hard to overcome to attain a decent life. The vent from the harsh realities is possible only through the world of illusion. The world of illusion is the breathing space which a man creates for himself and sets his wild imagination free. Illusions are considered to be unreal and immaterial but when they are merged with creativity and passion, they can be made real. The common notion is that creativity is all about creating something new with talent and skill. However, I feel that creativity can be witnessed in any lay man who has created his world of illusion to evolve new ideas and concepts.

The common man yearns to realize his illusions into reality. However, a common scenario has been observed that when the world of illusion achieves the face of naked reality and becomes a part of our routine life, it loses its charm. It no more remains a special cherished moment and becomes a regular day-to-day affair. Talent can be eternally nurtured and is ever oozing, but when it is exercised in the daily course of life it looses its unique creative touch and becomes boring.

The aftermath effect of the World War II was horrific. People were always in a state of fright and life seemed very uncertain. During this phase, the post modernist writers like T. S Eliot, Thomas Pychon came up with a new technique. They tried to instill hope, love, and passion in lives of the disillusioned people and bring them back to the hard core chaotic life. During this time, the world had undergone rapid transformation. There was a terrible breakdown of the existing values and there was complete pandemonium. The post modernists felt that linearity was not the best device to present the situation. Hence, the writers occasionally distorted the reality to present the ‘real’ through their creativity marination with humor , farce and sensitivity. But their attempt was to present the underlying harsh reality in a sugar coated manner.

In this context, Debolina Basu, a trained musician stated that her music helps her to conceive her illusion into reality and it acts like stress reliever in her daily life. However, she feels once she pursues it as a profession she will not enjoy it so much and her passion for music will soon fizz out. Aarati Suvar, Section Head of the Art & Craft Center in Pidilite Indutries Ltd, feels that its our illusion which helps to pull our creativity and create something new, but more than that what keeps us moving is the yearn to do something different from our daily chore. Ashwini Patil, the Publication Officer of Art and Craft magazines like Feviart and Creative Craft gave her enlightened inputs by stating that each of us live with some kind of illusion which are very dear to us .

Sridatta Gupta

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