The Year That Was

SportsIndia finished first in the 20-20 World Cup, Viswanathan Anand won the World Champions trophy for the second time, a good show by Sania Mirza and so much more in other fields. Yes, the year 2007 was really promising for India, clearly indicating a rising status for Indians in the field of sports. Let’s take a glimpse of the major happenings in sports in the year 2007.


India regained its spirit and hopes in hockey this year due to its victory in the Asia Cup at Chennai in September. Finals were played against South Korea with a goal score of 7-2. Also, the team came third in Challenger trophy in Belgium and Aslam trophy in Malaysia.  The members of the hockey team struck a positive note this year.


Narain Karthikeyan, the first Indian to play ‘Formula one’ motor race last year, won AIGP Zhuhai International Circuit in China this December 16th. A wide participation from14 countries made the victory much more significant and indeed historic for India.


It was a year of improvement for Sania Mirza as she rose from  rank 60 in the beginning of the year to rank 27. However, it was also a year with a lot of injuries for her. Victory against Martina Hinges in singles and surviving till the third round in the American open would be some of her memorable moments. She received the honour of being the first Indian to enter the American ranking list and won the doubles title in Stanford, Newhaven. Sania herself described this year as the best of all the years till now in her career.


Viswanathan Anand won the Morelia-Linares tournament and World Chess Championship in Mexico for the second time after year 2000 in Iran. He defeated Peter Leko (Hungary) in the last and final 14th round by acquiring 9 points.


Dola Banerjee won the World Cup in Dubai on November 24th.

Thus, in a nutshell, the year 2007 can be called a reasonably successful year for sports. A clear indication of the growing popularity of other sports besides cricket can be clearly seen. A renewal of interest, with increasing number of fans in all sports, has taken place. It is apparent that India has the essential potential and the talent which is needed to dominate the scene in sports. The winning formula is still elusive. Let’s wait and see what happens in this 2008!

Alamu Rathinam