Looking Back at 2007

cas-logo-2007.jpg2007 has finally come to an end. And what a brilliant year it has been for India!! From international relations to national issues, from new age Indian cinema to a booming economy, from new ventures to victories in sports, India saw it all this year. But despite the good things it did experience its share of bad things. I guess like in the fairytales, the good has won over the bad. Let us start from the international issues that made a difference. For starters, the Indo-US nuclear deal (which is still going on) was a major development in the Indo-US relations and clearly indicated that the world has finally started viewing India as a powerful nation. Shilpa Shetty became a household name in UK after her Big Brother experience. Taj Mahal got into the list of the new

Seven Wonders of the World through global voting. This indeed was a matter of immense pride for

India. Towards the end of the year, though, there was a lot of tension in our neighboring country

Pakistan. President Musharraf declared emergency in the country and one of its important leaders Benazir Bhutto was killed. The tension in the country seems to have carried into the New Year.

India better be watchful!Moving over to national issues; we had our first women president, Shmt. Pratibha Patil elected this year. This was a positive thing for a male dominated society like ours. Then there was the usual dirty politics. This time it was in Karnataka, when Deve Gowda double crossed the BJP in a cheap power game. The Ram Setu issue really stirred up things in the parliament between the BJP and the Congress. If it was Ram Setu causing the trouble down south, it was Nandigram in the east. The issue of the SEZs really got intertwined with politics to result in a bloody scene in Bengal. Meanwhile, Modi came back to power in

Gujarat for the third consecutive time with a landslide victory over Congress. Politics saw it all this year, the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Coming to the booming Indian Economy. The sensex crossed the 20k figure this year. With new record hikes being recorded in the sensex and the appreciation of the rupee (with the value of the dollar slumping below 40 rupees), India is shining! Scores of deals took place; the Tata-Corus Deal to Vijay Mallya buying the F1 racing team Spyker and renaming it as ForceIndia. This has further established the growing dominance of Indians in the Global Markets. Next are sports. The year started off with a bad note when India crashed out of the Cricket World Cup in the league stages. It was a great let down for the Indian fans. But the cricketers made up the loss by winning the T20 world cup in, what I would say, one of the most professional manners possible. This was followed by beating

Pakistan in a home series through and through in both Tests and ODIs. Meanwhile, the chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand proved it again that he is the undisputed World champion of Chess. He won the Amber Rapid and Blindfold, Morelia-Linares Super GM tournament and the

Mainz rapid title. Also,

India made its dramatic entry in the F1 circuits with Vijay Mallay’s F1 team, ForceIndia. But like the year started on a bad note it sure has ended on a bad note as well.

India got smothered down under by the Aussies in the first test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Buck up boys! But, all in all, a good year for sports as well. Meanwhile, the Indian public was witnessing a new age cinema, with movie professionals experimenting with new ideas and scripts in their movies. Films like Shoot Out at Lokhandwala, Chak de India, Life in a Metro, Dus Kahaniyan and Om Shanti Om represented the face of the i-generation of Hindi Cinema. Way to go Bollywood! A good year, I would say. Let us just hope that 2008 brings us more opportunities and success. And oh yes, “A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Vijay Krishna