Things that have Impacted the Country over the Decade!

Here are a few things that the Youth of this Country believe have evolved and added to the Country’s already going strong Economy! The following have been the standouts of the decade! It is based on a recent survey!
  • Orkut: Orkut was the perpetrator of the Social Networking culture in the Country! Orkut took the entire Nation by a storm! The adults refused to identify with it, and the young made it their life! Having good pictures was never as important as suddenly now after the emergence of the concept of a ‘display picture’! The Youth started speaking out and thus came the Social Media Revolution!

  • Saurav Ganguly: If any one deserves mention in this list, then it is the ‘Prince of Calcutta’, Saurav Ganguly! His aggression and carefully planned strategies depicted the face of changing India to the World! He was brash and he was brave! He had the courage to stand up to his critics and stand by his teammates! He was the face of the new and evolved India!

  • Google: The Google Revolution too took the Country by a storm! Searching, researching, analyzing was literally a click away! The maintenance of one’s life became simpler as the Books load reduced! Everything was on the web and everything could be googled! Although Google was also met with opposition regarding the content displayed, the majority enjoyed the fruits of the engine!

  • Chetan Bhagat: Man who brought the Indians back to reading books too deserves a careful mention in this category! With his first book, ‘One Night at the Call Center’, Bhagat’s popularity new no bounds! He wrote what the youth felt! He marketed himself as the purveyor of the Youth’s sentiments! No wonder Bhagat’s fan following is tremendous!

  • Malls: India was not known to have a mall culture a decade ago! The Country however now speaks in the culture of the Malls! With more and more retailers investing in India, the Malls are only growing from strength to strength!

  • BPOs: BPOs have made the Country what it is today! The young have money, power yet are unsatisfied! What the outsourcing culture gave this Country was jobs and surplus money, however what it failed to provide was a satisfactory work environment and a lack of a decent work profile! As a result of which the Youth began to live a virtual life!