Things to be grateful of in 2011!

  • Anna Hazare: Hazare has created ripples all across the world with his non-violent means to bring about a revolution in a Country, which is marred with rampant corruption and endless problems vis-à-vis, the governance! Hazare was able to bring the entire Nation together under one common goal and instill in them a patriotic fervor which had been long lost to the corrupt times! He truly will be the man of the year and the decade!

  • The World Cup Victory: Who would have thought that India would finally win the World Cup with Tendukar’s inclusion! The Men in Blue proved their critics wrong yet again and went on to become the World Champions! It was the perfect pre cursor to the Jan Lokpal campaign! The scenes witnessed on the streets of this Country were never witnessed before! It brought to life the dormant spirits of the otherwise lazy nation!

  • Dhanush: ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ has become the undoubted king of all the anthems of the Country ever! Within weeks of upload, the tune caught on people like nothing else ever had! It has been sung over and over again in different genres and languages, however the original Dhnush stands strong and untouched!

  • Metallica: The Country was obliged by some of the most sought after International brands for a performance! Although the Metallica concert was cancelled, the Pitbull and Lady Gaga’s stint in India have been amongst the most successful events this year! With everyone wanting to perform the Indian soil, the Country is sure on the verge on a break through in diverse fields!

  • Indian Cinema’s Overseas Market: With the coming of the cinema like that of ’Delhi Belly’ and many other music releases, the Country has become a hub of unconventionality! Songs like ‘I hate you like I love you’ and the growing popularity of songs with meaningless lyrics has brought the Country the much required creative boast!