Things to remember while Shopping Online

When was last time you did online shopping? Generally most of us prefer offline shopping. By offline I mean manually browsing shops in nearby area, deciding one item to buy after checking out ten and then bargaining with shopkeeper. Offline is a traditional way of shopping in market. But we hardly have any time left for offline shopping in our busy schedules. In such a case, online shopping is a life saver. These days, we can buy practically anything online that could be found from markets. Right from books to clothes, everything is available at the reach of just one click.

Online shopping is gaining popularity in our TechSavy world and ease of shopping at just one click has grabbed crowd’s attention. What could be better than to shop sitting at home or office and get the required product at your doorsteps? This saves time and energy. But some points should be kept in mind while you shop online.

  • Shop on trustable sites:
    Each website has different online shopping safety and they are generally judged by safety verification certificates like Verisign. Websites with these signs are more reliable and trustable.
  • Check for Hidden Costs:Another important aspect while shopping on websites is to take into account the shipping costs and other extra charges which will be added to the price of  your product. Comparing price on other websites for same product is also helpful in grabbing the best deal. Probably same product is selling at lower price on some other website.
  • Check reviews:
    From the product’s quality point of view before ordering any new product, customer review should be studied carefully. As the product is not checked and tested physically by you, other customer’s review becomes important factor.
  • Digitally Secured websites:
    When you are entering credit card details make sure to check that you are on secure site. The secure site will  always have “https” (Secure Socket Layer) at the beginning of its URL and a small gold lock on the right corner of your browser. Last but not the least, read the privacy policy of the website thoroughly. Wherever option is  available opt for “Cash On Delivery” service. This means paying the cash only when they are delivered and meets your satisfaction.

Online shopping can be comfortable and very useful if we keep some simple point in our mind for safe shopping.

Sneha Kedar