Think Beyond FYUP And Take Up A Career As A Private Detective

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private investigator Think Beyond FYUP And Take Up A Career As A Private Detective

It is about making the right choice. It is a lifelong commitment. Only passion and love can sustain it.

Yes, choosing the right career is no different from choosing your life partner. In today’s time when most students choose their careers based on what they think would give them security, the fact remains that no profession guarantees a good future. It is all up to you. And if you have the right mix of passion, aptitude, hard work and diligence, the chances of you exceling in your field are very high.

“My son is an engineer”, “My daughter is a doctor” have become such clichéd phrases that even questioning them is considered a sin. What will a country do with only engineers, doctors, lawyers and business administrators?

It takes courage to try the unconventional and to follow your dreams. And so, in this article I am exploring one little comet in the galaxies of careers waiting to be explored.

Like poking your nose in others’ business?

Good at tapping information from people?

Up to date with society’s who-what-when-why-how?

Do you love research?

Are you passionate about upholding the law and order of your country?

Like giving your brain that extra wrack to solve mysteries?

Lastly do you adore James Bond and Sherlock Holmes?

If yes, then why not consider becoming a private detective…

What It Takes…

There is no specific legal qualification required to start your own private detective firm, but you do need a business license of your state. This job involves a lot of risks, sometimes even life threatening. Courage, assertiveness, attentiveness and the knack of being street smart are very essential. A deep understanding of criminal psychology and behaviour will also be helpful.

There are several institutes offering courses that can hone one’s skills for this practice. Being well-versed with police sciences and criminal justice is an added advantage.

One can also join a detective school where basic skills required for this profession are taught—taking fingerprints, using firearms, collecting evidence and writing reports. Institutes like the Indore Christian College, Indore and the National Institute of Private Investigation, New Delhi offer diploma courses in private investigation. Apart from that detective agencies like ACE Detectives India International Securities, New Delhi, All-India Private Detectives Association, New Delhi, Lancers Network Limited, New Delhi also offer specialised courses.

Future prospects

Salaries may vary, depending on the nature of job and the client. You might have to solve cases involving marital issues, simple thefts or maybe murders. Again a well-established firm that has big contacts in the industry will definitely roll in money. You can even collaborate with other private investigators to expand your base. Knowing that you have the power to make a change, sometimes even save lives, gives immense personal satisfaction.

As far as job prospects are concerned, as long as there is crime, you will be employed. And society always has shades of black and white. Where there is good, there is bad. Crime and corruption can never be entirely wiped out.

So you are looking at a lifetime employment, provided you are good at what you do.

Deepashri Varadrajan

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