63 years of Independence and we have progressed in Information Technology, Education, BPO’s, Entrepreneurship & various other fields. We have also become a strong Military power with a lot of technical expertise & a good strength of Officers & soldiers. But, if we talk of patriotism, brotherhood & oneness can we claim the same? What have we done with all that the martyrs such as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mangal Pandey & many more did for us by sacrificing themselves for giving us the free & independent society that we live in today??

Narrow mindedness is still a part of our behaviour. We still have biased views & our attitude is materialistic. We accuse the politicians & the Govt. for its faulty practices but if we observe closely it is we the citizens of this country who are at fault for all the wrong things happening around us. We condemn the neighboring countries for back-stabbing & their double standards but even for that are we not the ones to be blamed? I am making this accusation because we keep tolerating all the wrong that they do to us & to our country.

The terrorist attacks that have been taking place in the country year after year are not taken to task the way they should be. Brave security force personnel sacrifice their lives to ensure that terrorist & anti-social elements don’t harm citizens. But even after years of 26/11 attacks Ajmal Kasab still is undergoing trials & rests in a secure & safe prison cell. We salute the spirit of Mumbai and its citizens, but for how long can we take it and for how long will we take it?? Is that all that we will do as citizens of India & wait to appreciate & salute the spirit & the martyrs OR will we stop this from happening in the first place? Would you still react the same way if one of your family member gets injured in such an attack?

Tons of food grains rot in the godowns but are not given to the needy. I feel if it’s not feasible to be given to the poor for free at least it can be given for some small price instead of letting it rot! Prices of fuel & vegetables keep rising & we accept it & as always we MANAGE.

Is accusing the Govt. & the politicians the only thing we would continue doing and not step forward as INDIANS to say that “enough is enough…we won’t take it anymore”?
Till the time WE – Indians don’t step forward & take a stand against all the unfair things happening in the country, terrorist & also the corrupt politicians would continue to ravage the nation mercilessly.

Few years ago the then 5year old child, PRINCE who fell in a 60ft. bore-well & got trapped there for 50hrs drew attention of the entire nation & the various authorities responsible for the rescue of the child acted upon the situation instantly. But….what have WE done for our Motherland-INDIA which is trapped in the dark fathomless well of disparity, corruption, dirty politics, poverty, terrorism and many more grave problems for more than 60yrs since Independence!??

We all know what we are supposed to do. We all know our responsibilities. But we don’t do what we are supposed to. This is what lets the wrong-doers become successful. In the end all this troubles & bothers us & not the ones who do wrong to people. WE ARE THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS…THINK & REACT!!

Abhishek Sagar

*This piece has been selected as the Winning Entry of the Day for the ‘Viewspaper Express Yourself Writing Competition’*