This Day in History

5th December, 1991: Following the death of Robert Maxwell, administrators had been called to try and salvage the crumbling Maxwell Empire! This also included the Mirror Group Newspapers which too was in a debt of 1bn Pounds!

5th December, 1995: Sri Lankan forces had captured back the city of Jaffna from the Tamil Tiger Guerrilla force after a 7 week operation. The Tamil Tigers had controlled the city and had their own police force, law and court! They were agitating to create their own independent state!

5th December, 1996: Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan questions whether the stock market is overvalued!

5th December, 2005: The Civil Partnership Act comes into law. This Law granted same sex marriages in the state of United Kingdom

5th December, 2006: 13 American soldiers were killed fighting in Iraq during the last week. Among the dead were 4 Mariners who crashed in a Sea Knight helicopter which had mechanical failure

5th December, 2008: O.J. Simpson who was acquitted for a well known double murder in Los Angeles was sentenced for upto 32 years in prison.

5th December, 2008: Panama allowed a Russian warship to sail through the trans-oceanic water way. The destroyer, the Admiral Chabanenko was the first Soviet/Russian military ship to use the fifty mile water way since World War II

5th December, 2009: Thousands of people across Europe demonstrated for action on climate change just 2 days before World Leaders had to gather at Copenhagen for landmark talks on global warming!