This Day in History!

6th December, 1990: Saddam announces release of all foreign hostages

6th December, 1991: Star Trek VI-Undiscovered Country’ premiers

6th December, 1992: 300,000 Hindus destroy the Mosque of Babari, 4 die!

6th December, 1992: 81st Davis Cup played; USA beats Switzerland in Fort Worth (3-1)

6th December, 1994: Maltese Falcon auctioned for$398,590

6th December, 1994: Warner Brothers announces a 5th TV network to begin on Jan 11, 1995

6th December, 1995: Michael Jackson collapses while rehearsing for an HBO special

6th December, 1998: Hugo Chavez Frias, Venezuelan military and politician, is elected the President of Venezuela

6th December, 2005: Several villagers are shot dead during protests in Dongzhou, China

6th December, 2006: NASA reveals photographs taken by Mars Global surveyor suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars.