This Goddess Is Unfalteringly Becoming A Controversial Idol And We Are Worried

Bharat Mata

This is not the Bharat our Mata had imagined, not even in the wildest of her dreams.

Three Madrasa students of outer Delhi’s Begumpur area have alleged that they were attacked and brutally thrashed for refusing to chant “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. The three students – Dilkash, Mohammad Ajmal and Naeem – had gone to a nearby park when a group of men picked up a fight. The trio alleged they were slapped and asked to say “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and “Jai Mata Ki.” When they refused, their skull caps were thrown and crushed and they were beaten mercilessly. They were, ostensibly, not given a chance to speak and attacked with bamboo sticks. The three boys had to call their teacher Hafiz for help, who then called the police.

They were taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for treatment. One of them has sustained a fracture in his arm. Police, however, said there are inconsistencies in their statements. According to a DNA report, the three boys had not mentioned any such thing on the day they had filed a complaint – March 26. The injured boy later told police the three were beaten up for not saying “Jai Mata Di”. A fresh statement was recorded, but a few days later, police found out from sources that the boy had told others they were beaten up for not chanting “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.


Even if we were to believe that their statements are slightly distorted and a thorough probe must be conducted, we cannot rule out the fact that the boys were thrashed and there is a communal angle to it. They would not have stepped out of the madrasa to beat each other up to pulp, right?

Of late, patriotism is being used as a political tool to incite violence of all kinds. I do not understand the mindless hatred that has enveloped human beings. From where do people bring in ideas to goad violence of a fresher kind? If what the boys say is true, then it is shameful that we are existing in a country where hatred against a person belonging to another faith takes precedence over tolerance, love and mercy.

Some people have a lot of time to invest on hackneyed activities that disturb the country’s peace. Thus they come out with communal viciousness in the guise of patriotism. How do these people identify ‘anti-nationals’, is an apposite query. Do they judge another human being on their appearance before launching an attack? That is infuriatingly-disappointing.

Is this the country we want to live in – burdened with prejudice, blind hatred towards other human beings, and a secular cacophony? Those who are indulging in condemnable activities must hang their heads in shame. We do not dream of such a country and this is not how we want to live. For the love of motherland and Bharat Mata, stop spreading barbarity.

Prerna Mittra

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