This place is none other than India!

This is a hypothetical talk between a “teacher” and a “student”. Here a teacher is the man who has taught how to create terror and a student is a young terrorist waiting for an order to execute some “great” plans. After passing out from the training camp his master tells him that he will be “on bench” for sometime and then they would send him to the safest place to create terror.

The “student” got amused and wondered why his master considered India to be the “safest” place to create terror. He was given the following reasons.

“India is a place where we have some locals working for us. India has tradition of welcoming the ‘guests’. These ‘guests’ can be some unsocial elements in the country and many of these “guests” are our sleeping modules which we infiltrated through porous borders on Bangladesh, Nepal and LOC. Hence we do not need to worry about logistics. And it is even safer for our sleeper cells as they have got Voter ID cards issued by the Government of India..The political parties in that country are so involved in their vested interests that they never take steps against ‘our men’. Even if they do, there are some small parties which ensure that nothing really happens. We don’t have any religion, but political parties in that country make the “terror activities a religious or communal” issue. This ultimately ensures our safety.

“The Indian Intelligence Agency is a collection of few ‘very active’ and oaf people who wouldn’t know we are going to hit them even if we sent them an invitation to come and ‘see the fireworks.’ Moreover, even if sometimes they get some inputs, there is so much complication in the set up that before they can act on any inputs we would have already struck. The state will say it didn’t get any inputs or rejected it thinking it was ‘routine input’ while Center will say that it had indeed given the ‘warning’ beforehand. Even if you walk on the street with AK 47, their cops will not be able to face you. Reason: They are so well equipped with weapons which were last used in the World War-I.

“The chiefs of the states or the country are always busy planning and strategizing votebank issues. If they don’t get any issue, they ‘lay’ their political planks on the bodies of their own people. The blame game is so entertaining that after every attack we enjoy it on television. Their government consist of a bunch of jokers who have demoralized their defense forces and bureaucrats. They hold the world record for ineptitude. Do you want to hear what they would say after you will strike in that country?”

Yes, said the “student” and he heard India’s ministers’ ‘ most inspiring’ speeches and ‘great condemnation’ after any attack on a tape recorder. They burst into laughter and the master continues.

“India is a huge country with some of ‘good’ leaders and ‘least corrupt’ people. You can easily smuggle tons of explosives and they will never ever come to know till you have used them. The leaders are not happy with their own countrymen and are creating rifts in the society. In a way, they are also working for us but good thing about them is they are not on our pay roll”, chuckled the master.

As long as they will continue to make their nation weak internally we can attack them without the second thought.

“They have failed to deal with internal problems such as Naxalites, Maoists, ULFA, etc. They have just fear of losing their votes and the citizens of the nation must be laughed upon. Though we have always targeted them, never did they have stepped for their ‘so called rights’ or raised their voices out of some. They call themselves helpless but I call them even more cruel” and “insensitive” than we are. Their people are so educated and yet they have played in hands of their politicians by indulging in caste, creed, colour and religion politics. These people actually don’t have unity and no common cause to stand for and hence are advantageous to us. Unfortunately, we have to kill them. Sometimes I really felt that we need not to instill fear in the Indian psyche. They are so busy with their life that they forget the gravest attacks on them in 15 days and wait for us to strike again.

“All these ‘qualities’ have made India a hot spot to test our latest arms and ammunitions and be recognized the worldover. And the biggest joke is that this country wants to be a superpower in the next decade. I mean, what can be more ridiculous than a country that can’t even ensure security for its people having these dreams of glory?

“So my student where will you like to appear for your test: Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Mumbai or some new place? “

Sent by
Rishabh Srivastava

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