Those Small Lil Things in Love and Life – A Book Review!

The bestseller title is given to almost all books published by one! But what truly is a bestseller can be understood by the books of the author, Rahul Saini. A Jalandhar boy grew up to be a Gurgaon architect. However,his passion took him to be a prolific, big time writer. His interest is not only bound to a segment of writing and architecture, but he is also an enthusiastic artist! He also has immense interest in film making, and has worked as a dialogue writer, assistant writer and screenplay writer for many films.

For me this book is a gem! It gives you the best pleasure even in your hardest times. This book is a romantic comedy, which may not keep you sloppy but brings an instant smile to your face!

The book is peripheral to cmale psychology and the consequences faced by a guy when he has all “GIRL” friends. The story revolves around a man named Raj, who shares his experiences about his first crush and the different turmoil’s regarding his love life! He has his bunch of besties who are successful girls and very supportive of him. Though being surrounded by girls, his heart is always stuck to his childhood crush that is Rushi. Raj is little immature whereas Rushi is bright, intelligent and a practical girl. Every thing Raj proposes, Rushi disposes, though they have been best friends in school. Raj has gone through major ups and downs regarding his love life, but still his heart is somewhere stuck in the primary section of his school where he first met Rushi. The story slowly unfolds through lots of relationship trouble, where in the end there is always a new surprise.

Well, I wouldn’t say that the book can have a great impact on the readers, but yes, it surely won’t disappoint you. It can bring you up from any kind of stress. The best part of any Rahul Saini’s literary work is that he tries to focus on the general environmental issue. He also gives a vivid description about Gurgaon and Jalandhar. So beautifully, that it seems that you are visualizing his story. The story’s situations, plots, characters, timing and other literary essentials bind you to appreciate and respect this young author. This story is about some nostalgic and unforgettable moments which one has in his or her life. It really helps you realize the importance of the small little things that life offers us. A genuine example of beauty in simplicity. We can call this book an immense stress buster. It frees you from all the boredom and gives you an energy boost. You cannot leave reading this novel once you have started it.

The only problem with this book is that, it’s only available in metropolitan cities. A book worth treasuring and some things or parts just touch your heart. One more big advantage of this book is that you can relate to the characters. Rahul Saini has blended his past and present beautifully into his novel. So my only and sole verdict is that everybody should read it and enjoy it!

Anokhi Dasgupta