Through the Looking Glass

Didn’t we all read about Alice in Wonderland? The place where everything was a wonder… Everything was good… Everything so inspiring…Everything so fun… And then there was the looking glass.

A looking glass is a mirror…A mirror is where the left seems right, and the right seems wrong… So here’s writing on how things would be, if they weren’t how they are right now…

For starters, had our society favoured women folk, and not men, perhaps the world would be a safer place to live in. Maybe clashes of egos wouldn’t take place, and all the wars would be peacefully resolved. And all the rising crimes against women would be put to an end.

And what if our society was void of terror and sufferings, and instead was full of love? That would perhaps allow us to live in an environment which would encourage us to see the positivism in life, and in small things like the shining of the sun daily after a dark night, and the relief provided by the first drop of rain to a drought-struck land. With the problems of terrorism, corruption and crime seeping deep into our roots and making us comfortable about their bare existence, our lives are void of love and compassion. Had our society promoted more harmony than conflicts, maybe today the young wouldn’t be robbed off their childhood, and would have the opportunity to live, love, and laugh.

And what if there was no God? We would not give thanks, and would greedily take all the credit for everything. I would not question or support the validity of God, but the name and feeling of his existence creates a sense of gratitude towards a Lord Almighty who takes care of us, and helps us in times of need.

And the same for Destiny and Fate. Had there not been a destiny to blame all the misfortune to, and a fate to credit for everything which went wrong, maybe man would die of either guilt of his wrong doings, or bloat and swell in his accomplishments. So maybe we should be thankful to God, Destiny and Fate… because whether they exist or not isn’t really the question. They are the answers to all our faults and can easily be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. Nobody would question the authenticity in our words when “God didn’t want it to happen”, “Destiny had its way” and “It’s my fate that I’m here and not there.”

The world would be a weird place, like a twistThrough The Looking Glassed and curled snake with its fangs spread. You know what it is, you have read about it, and heard people talking about it, but you are just too scared to look closely by yourself.

I believe that maybe the world isn’t that bad a place after all, because the unknown may sound adventurous and exciting, but can be dangerous, and I do not mind living in the known dilemmas of the world with audacity.

Arushi Prasad

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