Tickling Delhi’s Belly


Directed by Abhinay Deo
Produced by Aamir Khan , Kiran Rao , Ronnie Screwvala, Jim Furgele
Story  by Akshat Verma
Starring Imran Khan , Kunaal Roy Kapur , Vir Das , Poorna Jagannathan
Music by Ram Sampath
Cinematography Jason West
Editing By Huzefa Lokhandwala
Art by Shekhar More
Dialogues Akshat Verma

Rating: ****1/2


The movie starts with the camera zoomed in at Kunal Roy’s but crack. What follows is a series of mellifluous fart sounds. Forgive me for skipping through the movie a little, but in one of the action scenes, amidst the heavy gun firing you can still hear him fart! So moving back to the beginning, the movie is about three friends who live in an apartment, more like a post mortal residence. The paint has been replaced by cracks on the wall; there is only two hours of water supply which is missed on a daily basis; the rent is not paid and the neighbours are annoying.  Kunal Roy plays a photojournalist, who is interested in clicking girl’s racks more than their pretty faces; Imran Khan plays a journalist with an air hostess girlfriend, who wants to be a serious journalist and Vir Das playing a lonesome cartoonist. In a desperate attempt to move out of their melancholic lives they end up in a pickle as Kunal’s stool sample gets mixed with smuggled diamonds. It is a laugh riot from the first moment. You might be grossed out, but you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter.

It is an ensemble cast, with equal importance given to every character. And as justice has been done to every actor, justice has also been done to every character. The work of the entire cast is remarkably natural. It will not only do wonders for Imran but for the rest of the cast as well. The movie is made on the lines of a crime caper comedy and sure is hilarious. There is chaos throughout the movie, but it neither becomes monotonous nor does it become an overkill. It is a well shot and intelligently edited movie. The movie is worth every single penny .


Well I just saw Delhi Belly and I don’t want to waste any time before I write the review as it is fresh in my mind. When I say ‘it’s fresh in my mind’ I am mostly referring to the language and the Amir Khan item song.  It’s not that I am newly exposed to the F-word or the language used in the movie fascinates me in an unusual manner. That is how we talk to each other every day, don’t we? It’s just that it has put me in ‘that’ mood and I want to refrain from using offensive words while I write this.

About the movie, it was simply awesome! You can’t say you didn’t see that coming. It’s an Amir Khan production; the man hardly ever goes wrong. The film was definitely beleaguered with various controversies and apprehensions. One it is mostly in English, two it is strictly for an adult audience (made clear in the warning given by Amir in the bare faced promotional ad.) and thirdly the overkill of foul language. Going by the math, the film is doomed. I certainly beg to differ. It was firstly a good move on their part to price the ticket at Rs. 250, which I am assuming was a conscious effort since the target audience has been demarcated; instead of the 300-350 trend followed. Moving on to the movie itself, it is a laugh riot. Nothing like the Govinda No.1 movies or the slapstick comedies that make you yawn.  It’s a crime caper comedy, something that hasn’t been attempted before or even if it has been, hasn’t caught our attention.

Delhi Belly has obviously been shot in Delhi and what came as a relief was the movie did not start with screenshots of the metro, the low-line buses and India gate (a trend followed in every movie shot in Delhi!). It did though start at the international airport and ended in an item song, but I so didn’t mind it, surprisingly that was kind of refreshing. Amir Khan does recycle the chest hair and the picturesque costume worn by Vir Das in the song ‘Ja Chudail’ but he has got his own moves! And the movie had a story! I say thins because in Bollywood it has always been difficult for producers to create a balance between the story and the expensive locations; the story and the designer outfits of the actress; the story and the number of jokes fit in it; usually the story suffers, but not this time.  The story keeps you glued as much as the jokes hurt your stomach. I had an embarrassing obnoxious laughter moment and an embarrassing ‘I fell from the chair laughing moment’. It’s a double thumbs up from me, as I will surely go watch it again, so should you.  Just one thing, don’t take your kids with you and don’t go with your parents!

Himanshi Chaudhary