Time – Money – Corporate World – Family

A small and innocent child asking it’s grand mom…”Why do my parents live in a different place and come home only on holidays? i.e. only on weekends?”

It’s grand mom replies, “They do live with us only, sweetie. but the thing is, by the time they come, you’re fast asleep and by the time you wake up, they are already gone to their respective works.”

Going by today’s corporate competitive culture, those days aren’t far when such situations be a norm in each and every household of India.

People are so busy running in their lives that they don’t even have little time to spend with their own children. All are so busy running to achieve success in the competitive world to acquire name and fame that they are running away from their children and family. They often acquire success in their expeditions, but at the cost of failure of family.

Is it worth it?

What’s the use of such money which takes you away from your own family? What’s the use of money, which can’t buy you a little time to spend with your children? What’s the use of such money that you can’t lend a strong shoulder to your aging parents with fragile bodies? What’s the use of such money that your children have to wait for weekends to meet you?

All your old parents’ need is a little patience, care and affection from you. All your children need is your time and guidance. If you can’t provide money to your aging parents or growing adolescent children, they won’t complain. But they’d surely be sad, if you don’t be with them and if you can’t spend quality time with them.

Is family more important or the career?

Money, you can earn anytime, not family. Your parents will somehow adjust to being without you, but what about your children? How’d they feel when all children come along with both their parents in the functions of the school and your child will have to stand alone because his/her parents were so busy acquiring wealth that they couldn’t afford to lose a few bucks for the happiness and satisfaction of their own child?

There are a few people who come with the excuse that, ” We are earning all the money for the enlightened future of our children and that we are in a position to fulfil all their wishes in the future.”

Your children want to have dinner with you. They want to go to parks with you on Sunday mornings. They want to go to a movie with you on weekends. And snuggle up to you before sleeping daily.
When you are not in a position to fulfil their simple, selfless and immaterialistic wishes in present, what’s the bloody use of fulfilling materialistic wishes in future which ultimately only spoil them?

If you don’t be with your children in their present, they won’t be with you in your future. The way you treat your parents’ today, is the way you’d be treated tomorrow by your children. If you want to spoil them with materialistic things that anyway don’t last long, then soon your children will remember you only when they need something, otherwise they won’t even be bothered about your existence. Every weekend they will expect a gift from you and they won’t even meet you or talk to you for the weekend if you fail to bring the gift.

And it won’t be their mistake. It will be yours. You made them grow in that environment and mindset. You weren’t there to guide them through their hurdles and to share their happiness over small successes. You were not there when they needed you the most and not the money you sent. You were not there when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

Then, you won’t be remembered when they are in happiness or when they achieve big successes. They’d remember you only when they need the money or gifts or some materialistic things.
Money can give you the possibility of fulfilling all your wishes. But if it’s at the cost of the family, then to hell with such money. It’s better to live with your family in one bedroom, hall and kitchen than to be in a huge and well-furnished villa, where people come only for their holidays, more like a hotel.

Jigar Doshi

Image Source: [http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1047/998632490_6f6e94850d.jpg]