Time To Test Masculinity, Let Marriage Brokers Entice You


We live in a world, where there are certain ‘traits’ and ‘regimes’ one has to follow, so that they adhere to the defined notions of masculinity and femininity. Girls should dress up good, guys should play sports, and all that stereotypical nonsense that the majority of the population still abides by.

However, a new leaf leaped to life in the stereotypical and sexist tree, by a leader from the Samajwadi Party, Azam Khan. He is also a cabinet minister in the government of Uttar Pradesh, and he has been a controversy child and a base for Twitter jokes since a long time.

He recently added another feather to his already glorifying heavy cap. SP leader commented to BJP MP Yogi Adityanath that he should get married so as to ‘prove his masculinity’. Claiming the Yogi to be frustrated, he has advised him to get hitched.

Well, there goes the progressiveness we hoped from our leader down the drain.


After his comments, BJP and Hindu Yuva Vahini workers staged protests and blocked the Gorakhpur-Nepal road to seek dismissal of Azam Khan. Chanting slogans against him, they have asked the UP government to oust the leaders from the government.

Apparently, the protests are held because of the statement, and because of him ridiculing the learned sage. He has further gone on record and stated that all sages are frustrated, and if they all go by his manner of venting out anger, there is definitely going to be a sudden surge in our population, looking at the amount of sages our country possess.

At a time when UP is at its all time low, dwindling with the economy, and the communal tensions, his comments do not go well with the comradeship the leaders of the city should develop.

Also, at a time when culture is changing and people are defining themselves not by their gender roles, but as an impetus of their individuality, his conformity sets the clock back in the regressive time.

Furthermore, its highly demeaning and troublesome for the male sex to endure such a statement. There, most definitely are, males who wouldn’t want to marry, are they any less ‘masculine’? And how does getting married prove the ‘masculinity’? Is being able to procreate proclaim the traits of being ‘masculine’ in nature? And again, anyone not possessing the set-defined masculine traits, does that make the person any less ‘masculine’ or any less of a man?

At a time when the attention of entire country was on BJP and Congress sparring over the Rs 3600 crore Agusta Westland helicopter deal in Parliament, motor-mouth Azam Khan still managed to attract attention towards his latest statement.

However, the damage is done. Let the world start procreating, because apparently, for one to prove their masculinity, being married is the only thing. We wouldn’t want anyone being a non-conformist, right?

Let the world follow the time-tested societal norms, because apparently, unlike politics, tolerance is not our forte, and we can’t accept anyone active against the societal rulebook.

Yugansha Malhotra

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