To all the bosses I hated

I am really happy to say that the bosses I’ve worked for were really awesome. In general, a lot of rookies hate their bosses coz they think their boss has something against them, but in reality, it’s just your work not you, I think every rookie screws up and gets a 15-30 min firing on ”

why were you not careful“. Been there, had that ;-). I have been really really really really pissed with a lot of my bosses and some of them I’ve hated to such an extent that I wanted to meet them somewhere outside to lay a hard punch on them. That was really kiddish, I know, now I realize, that’s exactly why I am writing this post. My confession, I’ve learned by doing and screwing (a lot), this is not necessarily good for an employee. But, I’ve come to a realization that the bosses I hated are the reason why I am good at what I am.Who am I trying to impress – no one;-P

My boss was that was really preachy, I hated it, but I think, now, I am a little preachy and I also perfect preaching by reading millions of self/performance improvement articles. I think preaching is good, only that you should know when to shut up ;-). really enthusiastic, and always taught using examples – sometimes the examples were lame,

My boss was really certain about timings and was always behind me – for no particular reason – for getting the job done, I hated it, but I think that’s what has made me punctual, and to add to that, I am very particular about getting my job done without any help.

My boss our bosses don’t always mean what they say. had an opinion for everything, I hated it, I still do, but that’s taught me why ignorance is bliss, sometimes your bosses have their bosses giving them a tough time, some of it gets rubbed on you, shit happens ;-). Nowadays, I am good at ignoring stuff – especially when people give their unwanted opinions – coz I know that

My boss was some people are very personally challenged and insecure, she made sure that her team hated coming to office every day, and on her defense, she used to stress on her behavior by saying “Please don’t take it personally, it’s just business”, I hated it and I still hate it, but I think she is the reason why I started looking for a better job, and ya, I got it. Thanks to her cruelty ;-). very cruel and rude, I hated it, but now I realize that we were never responsible for her behavior,Also, I feel I am not gonna be bossed around all my life (or may be), I am gonna have my set of reports sooner or later, so I think, now that I’ve been with a lot of bosses, I know how to and how not to deal with my subordinates. Lastly, I want to say that sometimes bosses are really someone you’ve got to hate coz

they make your life miserable, but don’t confuse them with bosses who keep pushing you on and on to take you to the next level…these bosses are gems, they push you so much that you go to a different competence level altogether, call them and thank them, seriously, they were strict not cruel, and particularly, they invested a lot of time in you to make you what you are today.

Girish Mahadevan

The author is a student in the school of publishing. He takes immense interest in understanding different phases of publishing, media and communications. He has done a lot of technical/non-technical writing, and hog online data on Tech Writing, Online publishing, Internet startups, Case studies, Marketing and Social media, and Business Model reviews.

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