To live a dream.

I wouldn’t call it a journey, no. Referring to living a dream as a mere movement from any point A to point B through time and experiences would be synonymous to comparing it with a mixed box which contains a few things- Surprises, Failures, Success. But it is a lot more than just those things, it is about an individual’s reason to life. His love, his passion and his true happiness. Every person has a dream. Every person should live the dream.

The magnitude of what one wants to happen doesn’t qualify the desire as a dream, but the magnitude of importance it carries for the individual. It can be absolutely anything, the want to be fantastically wealthy, to be an influential personality or to start with one’s own little business, the dream to spend your life with the one you love.

We start to dream when we are young, may be on the sports field, the theatre, many such places. The idea takes hold of us and we don’t hesitate to work towards making it a reality during that phase of our life. As time passes by us, we meet different people, we are crowded by many number of opinions, and those other opinions affect us more than they should. Somewhere along the line, due to the addition of so many elements, we accept that getting what we want is not possible. Human nature is funny, we can sell ourselves anything. Many people have convinced themselves that to dream is a job of immaturity lacking in any pragmatic meaning what so ever. To that, I have some doubts. Why is there a nagging sense of regret in our hearts as to why did we give up. The despondency caused by the fact that our lives are incomplete without that one thing which we had always wanted but didn’t have the courage to work for. Did we get up and try ?

It is a simple choice in this one life. We can either do what we love doing the most or keep on lying to ourselves that we are never meant to live our dream. Our very own dream. We can procrastinate, shy away , just give up. We share The Earth with seven billion other people now, at the end of our lives, it would not matter to us or the universe if we did what others wanted us to do, what they thought of us for who we were. The only thing that would be of any significance would be how happy we were in our lives. Were we brave enough to follow our heart ? If our lives were complete because we lived our dream.

Sandeep Rajguru