To My Valentine

Have I ever told you about my journey of love?
Have I ever given you the taste of my limitless love?
If not then let me take you, to the place where my heart dwells
Once upon a time somewhere from the land of spices,
There came a girl, crashing into my life
Clad in brown at that rain soaked hour
She got attached to my heart, to leave me never
With a flagrant face she gave me a smile
Stopping my heart beat for a while
The story continued till the next monsoon
That was when she told me, she would leave me soon
Was it just fate or coincidence?
We met accidently and even without a single date
She said it was over, burying her feelings forever
The wheel of time turned so fast
I wonder why she left me so lost
The hours turned into days, and days in months
The pain has decreased yet the scars remain
I still cherish the day I held your hand
The moment etched into my heart like the writing on the stone
When those star studded skies reflect against the crashing waves
When I visit those beautiful landscapes again and again
The first thing that comes to my mind is you
Like sacred water of Ganges, my love is eternal and pure
Let any fool try to disprove
Keep faith in me And I will surely prove
I still have some trust in my love
After all it’s the reason why unsaid words are getting recited
Memories of the past still gets sighted
The tears of tide encompasses my life
With an intense longing to make you my wife
Observe me carefully, my behavior is fake
Now solitude makes the only sense
And I am trying hard to break that fence
My smile is portrait so it will be always still
But my pain is hidden from the world
Today you are being loved, one day you will also love someone
For, I pray that it comes soon
So that you can understand what I went through
I wonder why the odds are so against me
But I won’t let it to stop me
I believe that god has much left in store
And with that let my life soar…

Sethuraman KS