To Fight Or Not To Fight


Sheeba Thomas, A 24-year-old woman, hailing from Kerala, was gunned down in the middle of the road in Noida’s Sector 31 on Tuesday night.

In a separate incident, a retired army official, Lt Gen T J S GILL was shot at near Amity Business School in Noida by three men on a motorcycle who allegedly wanted to steal his car.

A third incident of robbery has also been reported, where in an accent owner and two more people were subject to similar violent diktat however nobody retaliated and thus escaped the encounter with death.

What is most alarming is the fact that these incidents took place within 24hrs in Noida alone!!

The interesting part is that in the first two incidents the victims retaliated and got injured, while in the third case, they surrendered and escaped injury or more so death.

What does this imply for a common man; that he should not fight for something he rightfully owns or something that is wrong. Even the police has advised the residents of Noida to avoid retaliation if they find themselves in such a situation.

So the common man is faced with a dilemma- whether to ensure his safety or to fight the crime ?

If facts were to be considered, a country with over a billion citizens has just 14000 policemen. In such a case, the onus of one’s safety lies in our own hands, but how feasible is it?

Most of the people prefer to choose life over fighting the wrong and they have every right to but if we as a community don’t take action who will!!

It is not just about the crime in Noida or NCR, it is about the law and order situation in our country. The judiciary and administrative services cannot improve the scenario with magic potions. We need to provide a support system for them to act and if they fail to do so, then we have a right to demand their services. Law enforcement cannot work as per our convenience. We need to understand the fact that an offence is an offence, however small it may be (that includes jumping a traffic light too). We as a society need to respect the law and enforce it. We should fight the crime but then again if we succumb to our self centered individualistic behaviour , increasing crime rate is something we would get habituated to. If we wish to live safe, we need to act now, we need to fight now.

Meghna Baveja

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