Top 4 romantic movies to watch

If  love is the principle by which you swear to live and just cant stop dreaming about that perfect ‘Lived Happily Ever After’ moment then my verdict is that you are a hopeless romantic at heart. However the shocking part is that you are single!  So all those single and ready to mingle people, what can be better than a perfect romantic movie to watch on the lazy weekends with some rib tickling fun? The movies which will spice up your single life and leave you floating in a state of nostalgia. So ladies and gentlemen, here is a compilation of the best romantic comedies which is your ticket to endless heart melting moments. Enjoy!

1) PRETTY WOMAN (1990)

One of the all time favorites starring the extremely handsome Richard Gere and the thousand watt smiling beauty Julia Roberts is perfect to set your heart aflutter. The story is woven around a rich, sophisticated businessman Edward Lewis and the street hooker Vivian Ward. Edward hires Vivian for a week to accompany him to the social events he had to attend, but could not resist himself from falling for her innocent charms. The movie keeps you guessing till the end whether Edward would embrace Vivian ignoring all the stigma he may have to face, or end the romance and shatter the hearts of  people who are suckers for fairytale endings.


This breezy romance set in the New York City, is a real toast to watch when you are terribly missing and waiting for someone special in your life and believing in destiny to work its magic. The lead pair, Jonathan(John Cusack) and Sarah(Kate Beckingsale)  leave you wanting to witness more of their vibrant chemistry in the opening scene where they both try to buy the same pair of gloves. In spite of already being in a relationship with other individuals they get sucked into each others warmth and spend the rest of the evening together before parting ways to let the destiny bring them together again.

Shot in the snowing Christmas backdrop, the movie follows Jonathan and Sarah after a period of three years when they start to seek out each other driven by the pangs of separation. This is one romantic movie which keeps you glued and makes you pray profusely to let the love triumph.

3) WALL-E (2008)

You might be wondering that what on earth is an animated movie doing in the genre of romantic comedies. But trust me, this list will remain incomplete if we miss to mention this movie. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and under the direction of Andrew Stanton of Finding Nemo’s fame, this is a futuristic love story of a lovestruck robot called Wall-E living alone on Earth which had been evacuated by humans due to unsurvivable e-waste dump.

Wall-E is adorable with its cute and clumsy expressions which can make you laugh yet it’s love for duty-bound Eve(the probing robot sent by humans) can move you to tears. This movie is a delight to watch, enjoy the mind blowing animation and admire the subtle emotions portrayed.


This movie is about Zoe, played by Jennifer Lopez, who has run out of luck in finding her Mr. Right and equally run out of patience expecting to fulfill her motherly instincts. As a desperate measure she choses to get artificially inseminated to get pregnant. As the fate had it planned, the same day followed by her first step into embracing motherhood she bumps into a guy and they end up accusing each other as ‘Cab snatchers’.

One more sweet encounter unfurls a beautiful mutual feelings and they go ahead with their relationship to face the fact that Zoe is pregnant with a baby of a stranger. What follows are some unexpected twists, heart-breaks amidst growing love. Do you need anyr more reasons to watch it? If yes, then don’t miss Jennifer Lopez who justifies her name “The Queen of slapstick comedy” through her brilliant performance.

So grab those cushy pillows in your arms, darken the room for that romantic ambience and relax before you start watching the movies. Last but not the least, get ready to fall in love!

B Krithiga