Top Five Must play Video Games


Please Gamers, Hold Yourselves!

God Of War: What comes to your mind when you think of God of War? Ares. You better forget him. He’s dead. So is Zeus, Athena and well, every Greek god we know. You know why? Kratos has spent the three GOW games killing all of them. One by one. That’s how Greek mythology ended. GOW is a bloodthirsty, brutal hack and slash adventure game which will take you around the hotspots of Greek mythos in wave after wave after wave of gore, baddies doing backflips and some more gore. PS: If you’re under 18, you should definitely ask mommy before you play this. The game – both as a series and individually – have captivating storylines, tight gameplay and some really good finishers on a very grand scale. The only downside to this game is that it is a Play Station exclusive game but it’s definitely worth getting a PS for.


Gears Of War: Some people like guns and some like chainsaws. What happens when you mix the two? Someone at Epic Games had an epiphany which spawned Gears Of War. In Gears of War, you play as Marcus Fenix, a chap who looks like someone who’s spent most of his life trying to become Mr Olympia rather than fighting in a war. The only things that gives it away is the assortment of scars his face sports. Gears of War redefines the meaning ofthe word “overkill”. Guns with chainsaws as bayonets, beefy soldiers with thigh sized necks, aliens which are more beefy than the soldiers and a gun in the third game which needs two people to use. The game is legendary for perfecting the cover and shoot system which has since been integrated into mainstream gaming and is a staple for shooters these days. This game is an Xbox exclusive though part one was ported for the PC. Still waiting on part 2 and 3, though. If you play this game, just remember to keep your gun – I mean chainsaw – handy.


Prototype:  Meet Alex Mercer. He’s a normal scientist with a normal scientist job and a normal scientist family. But one day, everything went to the dogs. Did I say dogs? I lied. He got SUPERPOWERS. He can now add “Can scale walls, shape shifting, mutating hands and others” into his resumé. Prototype will ensure that you spend most of the game throwing cars and people at tanks, soldiers and monsters and sometimes at each other and the rest of the game running up and down buildings. Of course, there’s normal human stuff like drive tanks, pilot choppers, shoot rocket launchers. Let’s not forget eating for energy and he eating is of people and not pizza. Add to this an intricate storyline told via a complex narrative. You literally piece the story together using pieces of people; real pieces like arms and legs but mostly just brain. Add to that over 100 hours of gameplay which keep you riveted for those 100 hours makes prototype a must play.


Crysis: Crysis is a game that shows evolution in gameplay and CrytekNanite suits. In reality, most game series have repetitive gameplay that cannot be helped, to such an extent that some of them are the same game with different stories and visuals ( screams Call of Duty!) Did someone say COD? No, we don’t talk ill of games here. Developers “Crytek” took six years to make Crysis 2 in a world where sequels are released on a yearly basis (FIFA!). Oh, shut up. As I was saying, few developers take so much time or care to develop a sequel (MGS…). Yeah MGS, those hour long cut scenes must have taken up all their time. On a more serious note, Crytek has reset the standards twice for fps’s with its games just like Half Life did. The intricacies of the game are too long for this feature, but we’ll leave you with a brief idea: Superpowered Nanosuits (upgradeable in Crysis 2), koreans, upgradeable guns, aliens, driving, koreans and some of the best graphics in gaming. Oh, and aliens.


Black: We’ve ridiculed, complimented and entertained. This is that section where we point out one of those games which was truly amazing and remarkably ahead of its time and for some unknown reason never acquired sales numbers required to catapult into popularity. This is a hallowed game, spoken of in hushed whispers by only the most dedicated of the gamers and critics. This one’s called Black. Made by Criterion games, the same people who gave us the Burnout series, this game offers you Criterion’s signature over-the-top action and carnage but with guns instead. While the graphics of this game were decidedly backward compared to other games launched around the same time like Crysis, Black took a radically new approach to sound design. Black might come across as your usual, run-of-the-mill, garden variety FPS, which it is, to certain degree, but it also had large, open, destructible environments on a grand scale, a surprisingly good story and the overall feel of a Hollywood-esqe action movie rather than a game. Though this concept has become a staple for FPS’s now, Black was one of the first games to incorporate it. The game is available only for the Xbox and PS2 and because it wasn’t very popular its availability is severely limited, but if you can get your hands on a copy don’t miss out, this game will be worth your while.


Varanya Vijaykumar

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