Top four Hollywood movies in terms of storyline!

Great Action! Great Acting! Great Scenes! We all know movies which have at least one of these. But these aspects can only be brought together by a single binding ‘storyline’! Think! What would ‘Sholay’ be without the gripping hero vs dacoit setup? Just another Bollywood movie (1 of 800-900 movies released in India every year) where the hero saves the girl; has a trusted accomplice and a bad villain to kill! Zzzzzz I am already half asleep ! But that doesn’t happen in movies like Sholay where the storyline involves a flow as smooth as silk; carrying the crowd with it and no matter how much you try to surprise the audience at the end of the day – people want to understand what the hell happened Mr. Script writer!

So here is a tribute to the top four Hollywood movies in terms of storyline!

1) Godzilla

Directed by Roland Emmerich, this 1998 flick was immortalised by the “one dinosaur will destroy us all” plot. The flow smoothly links an unknown attack in the middle of the ocean to the creature emerging in a city which doesn’t sleep; the constant attempts to capture it but how the clever creature evades every military tactic; and finally, the science which created it, plots its downfall.  Brilliant! The visuals and audio are greatly complemented by some credible acting; All in all; one of my favourites ! If you’re planning to watch it, count me in, mate!

2) Slumdog Millionaire

Give it up for our very own home production – Slumdog Millionaire. Danny Boyle must have been blessed by Goddess Durga in his childhood, cause mate this is one of the best storylines I’ve ever seen. How did you even think of it Mr Boyle??? A boy from the slums of Mumbai who has never seen a Rs. 500 note gives the correct answer as to whose picture is on a $100 bill!!! The life of this boy unfolds through 15 questions – from childhood to teenager, through slums to corporate offices and the pains and miseries he goes through; and, so that it ends on a happier note, Mr. Boyle ensures he ends up with his childhood sweetheart as well! Widely acclaimed. Rightly awarded!

3) Forrest Gump

My momma always said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”! Epic! How can a movie start at a bus stop and end up at the same one? Not to mention in between the dude plays for the football team, wins a war medal, becomes a TT champ, runs a shrimp business, makes enough money for the rest of his life, runs cross-country and still misses the love of his life. Forrest Gump tugs at the heartstrings and makes you cry. Imagine yourself standing in his shoe and it will give you hope for a brighter tomorrow! With the parallel appearance of love throughout his life Forrest Gump hops through every stage of life, connecting with the viewer as if though an umbilical chord. If you haven’t seen it, stop staring at this screen and see it now!

4) P.S. – I Love You

I figured out there has to be one romantic story in this collection. What’s a movie if it doesn’t touch your heart and bring the memory of someone you love? Richard LaGravenese‘s P.S. I Love You is as unreal as they come but hey! Lets leave our brains behind and let the enjoyment in. Though the first 15 minutes are difficult to comprehend I thought that when the letters began so did the greatness of this movie. A total boyfriend-girlfriend movie which will only lead to more demands from girlfriends and prove to be a nemesis for the guys. P.S. is beautifully scripted, minute by minute, depicting a true lover’s attempt to help his widowed wife’s life come back on track through a series of letters delivered to her after his death.  The girls would have tears in their eyes already; so would the guy with her; I’m sure the emotions are different though.

Mayank Solanki