Toro Snow Throwers

Toro snow throwers have revolutionized the way you shovel and clear off the snow from your drive way, small decks or porches. Toro snow throwers have come out with a diverse line of snow throwers, starting from light weight throwers for low snowfalls to heavy throwers for medium or heavy snowfalls. With the help of technology and experience, they have developed eco friendly products which do not require gas or oil for their operation. The ease with which Toro snow throwers can be used probably has no comparison at all. Given below is a list of some of the Toro snow throwers:

  • Electric Snow Blowers – The series of electric snow throwers are completely eco-friendly and do not require oil or gas for their operation. These snow throwers might be small, but have been packed with a lot of power and are highly maneuverable. The light weight electric snow throwers are compact and are thus ideal for small places. The only problem with these throwers is that they come without wheels. But in some cases they add to the maneuverability of the machine. The light weight series come in two variants-

–          Power Shovel – This machine has a clearing width of 12 inches and can throw up to 20’ “throw distance”.

–          Power Curve – This has an 18 inch clearing width and can throw up to 30’ “throw distance”.

  • Single Stage Snow Blowers – This series of light weight, maneuverable and powerful Toro snow blowers will never let you complain of a snow filled drive way or side-walks. These snow blowers come with a powerful Toro R*Tek Engine with power up to 161cc. This gives the machine enough power to clear heavy snowfalls and also throw them to distances up to 40 “throw distance”.
  • Two Stage Snow Blowers – Another series of Toro snow throwers which is probably the best machine you can use to get rid of those heavy piles of snow on your walk or the drive way without putting in too much of effort. These heavy machines disperse around 1,900 lbs to 2,200 lbs of snow per minute. They use Briggs and Stratton engines whose power goes up to 350cc. The “throw distance” can go up to 45’. All these Toro snow throwers come with a clearing width of 28 inches.