Touch The Sky With IAF’s 3D Game


Those who are enthralled by fighter jets and military actions, there is a gaming treat that awaits you. With hopes to attract the youth by what is considered to be the most esteemed branch of military, the Indian Air Force has come up with a game called “Guardian of The Skies”.

Just a day after its launch, the Facebook page of Guardian of The Skies, has already received more than five hundred likes. The games’ Facebook profile reads, “Don’t mess with us, we are super emerging power.” They will also make the game available soon for download on Android, Windows and IOS run phones.

At a time when technology has become the most popular entertainer for the present generation, the Indian Air Force has used a striking strategy to connect to young boys and girls. The game, from the look of it on Youtube, assures you the thrill of flying a Sukhoi, an MiG, or a Dassault. Below is a preview to what your 3D gaming experience with Guardian of The Skies is going to be like.

So it’s not only parents coaxing their children to join the military or the youth in their free will wishing to serve the country. From the efforts of the Indian Air Force to create a game as innovative as Guardian of the Skies, it seems that even the Air Force team is seeking to woo today’s youth by attracting a career in the Air Force through modern modes of technology.

So those who are fascinated by mobile gaming space and want to get a real experience of touching the skies in Jets, then this 3D game is surely made for you!

Valentina Telien Kom

Image Source [[email protected]/391112971/]