Touché …We Aren’t Getting Placed Soon…

I am writing this article so as to highlight the prevailing apprehension in the minds of to be Engineering Graduates by June 2012. It’s quite obvious that
each and every classmate of mine, has one thing hovering at the back of his
mind, which always makes us wonder, ‘whether or not I am going to end this long run of engineering with an OFFER LETTER in my hand’…..

As I am an ardent reader of the Open Page section in The Hindu, it occurred to me as the most propitious platform for expressing my thoughts, extrapolated from the minds of many falling in my own league. The cliché Unity In Diversity seems to be ignored or on more pacifying terms, despised by Software Giants. The major hindrance flaunted by them, while recruiting is their lack of understanding of the succinct theory of Brilliance & Capability is not bounded by geographical contours.

Yes, here I am talking about the so called backward region of Karnataka: Gulbarga. As many other students, who hail from affluent parts of the state, belonging to top and average colleges, continue to enjoy the taste of assured employment while the students from this region continue to build castles in air of getting placed some fine day, only to ascertain it later that these castles were presciently meant to be broken.

Daily when we log into the Fool’s Paradise – Facebook, we often (sometimes it’s like Mark is deliberately conspiring) ,accidently bump into status updates from our compatriots in Bangalore and Mysore about their glorious and mystifying journey to some ABC or XYZ company. The helpless nature is quite evident from the ‘LIKE’ button, which we click unknowingly (still can’t figure if that is a reflex or reaction).

This isn’t a predicament here and the nexus of few among many recruits has been a part since a long time. The big IT giants stay confined to only prosperous parts of the state and the Gulbarga region goes unnoticed. They follow the plethora of mass recruitment involving 200-300 students among 600. Whereas the condition here remains the same with a slight twirl:
200 students are placed from a whopping 1500 students. So we are back to
Darwin’s theory of Only the Fittest Will Survive. The simple probability equation says we have a probability only 0.133 to 0.5 of them getting placed.

The most common reason asserted by these Giants, or let’s say de facto reason is that people in this part do not have good communication skills, but they fail to patronize the fact that these same people are technically far better than the rest. They disregard the fact that these same people aren’t subjected to unscrupulous distractions and hence one can definitely expect a very delectable performance in professional life.

I am not blaming the ones in cities but the fact; often people are neglected here and deprived of great opportunities is pellucid. This affects the mental stability of the student and in turn he begins to be skeptical about his own capabilities. If the world says that this region doesn’t have exposure, well it’s an absolute lie, because it depends on how you define exposure: if vying with thousands for a job is called exposure then we are, indeed exposed on a very high level, but if you are delving your definition in terms of materialistic luxuries and royalties, then we are happy that we aren’t exposed.

At last I would like to affirm that this region is called a backward region because THEY have abstained themselves from being a part of leveraging process. Many persons attaching themselves with this region are having a good time on important positions in these IT giants and it’s poignant that they aren’t doing anything that can meliorate this dearth and use their power to abridge this difference of region, when it comes for recruiting.

Aniruddh Naik