Towards Tomorrow

che-guvera.jpgThere is a time in our lives, when our eyes are without obstruction. When we see the world in all it’s hues and variations, without laying emphasis on one particular colour, having outgrown the rosy innocence of childhood, and yet untouched by the grey cynicism of age.

A time when the thought rampant in our developing minds, is thirst to change the world for the better. We think, we act, we see all as one – no meaningless class divisions except on the basis of capability. And this behavior, these thoughts, and actions, are all uniformly grouped under one heading – rebellion.

Rebellion, as an essential and defining characteristic of the wondrous phase called Youth.

We, the young, are realists. Neither dreamy optimists, like children, nor hardcore pessimists like adults.

We are practical and unbiased, but perhaps somewhat idealistic!

The youth understand how politics and religion prey on minds, how terrorism and war sell fear, in exchange for humanity. Dividing the world into caste, creed, and race – all worthless qualifications. People fall back on these to imbibe a sense of inferiority in the minds of those they fear.

We realize that everything can be simplifies, untangles and analyzed, if only we can break free of compromise, and political correctness. If only people were truly allowed to speak their minds, and act on impulses, our world could be made more habitable, more humane.

But it’s a passing phase, we will someday grow up and move on. Realize that attempts to change the world are ultimately futile, that we have been wasting our time. Competition, frustration, anger, guilt and pessimism will take over, and our glorious ideas will stop making sense. That’s what they say happens, when you turn thirty!

But by then another battalion of the youth will descend – and fight, for a better tomorrow.

Nilanjana Chakraborty