Toy Story 3- A Movie Review

When was the last time you saw a heart warming and genuinely funny movie that took you in its world and reminded you that it’s a wonderful life after all? Last year! Oh yes. A grumpy old man and lots of balloons did the trick. And now the geniuses ( that’s the only word for them) at Pixar have done it again. Toy story 3-the third and final installment of the path breaking franchise that redefined animation is back with it’s ‘all stellar’ cast of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse the Cowgirl and some new cuddly toys. Or if you would prefer, the on paper cast of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cussack and company. .Directed by Lee Unkrich, its screenplay is by the Oscar winning writer Michael Arndt who gave us the delightful indie movie “Little Miss Sunshine”.

Our little Andy is all grown up and about to leave for college. It has been ages since he has played with his toys. Facing either the garbage can or the attic, its “time to get hysterical” for the toys. I guess even toys find it hard to move on. A brief misunderstanding lands them in Sunny Side daycare centre -a toys paradise. New toy friends and kids who never outgrow you-What more can a toy ask for? But Sunny Side seems to hide a darker side. The toys find themselves trapped, without their leader Woody and face to face with the baddies of the toy world, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear-the strawberry smelling caretaker, turns out to be not so cuddly. There are broken arms, shrieking monkeys, scary cute toys and eye blindingly bling wardrobe of Ken. Can it get more dangerous! Only, it does. The prison break and subsequent rescue scenes albeit spectacular visually, end up being too dark for kids. They will never ever leave their toys unguarded after this movie. But the imaginative and touching ending will ensure you are going to leave the cinema hall with a smile on your face and a lump in your throat.

The brilliance of Pixar does not only lies in their visuals. Of course, you do get blown away by their flawless animation and attention to visual details. (Even the nail paint on a doll stuffed on the 3 aisle has a distinct colour.) And 3 D never looked this good. There are really funny moments too. Not achieved by slapstick humour, it is the witty writing and situational comedy that gets that belly laugh going. But that’s not the main point. Pixar’s magic lies in its feelings-deeper emotions that they are able to convey through their lovable characters. The eyes of the toys speak more than their voice-over-artists (who are brilliant in every sense) and genuine moments of loyalty and friendship can bring you to tears.

Of the many themes it touches, this movie teaches you that sometimes moving on in life is inevitable. But it is not always that bad, just make sure you have your friends to see you through. In a poignant scene towards the end of the movie, Andy’s mom walks into his now empty room and is overwhelmed by a sense of loss. As the toy story franchise ends with this final installment, we can’t help feeling the same. A timeless movie, not just for kids, but the kid inside all the adults too.

Sonal Bhadoria

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