Tracking The Growth Of A State Born Out Of An Impeding Struggle

Celebrating Telangana

The largest National Flag was hoisted on 2nd of June’ 2016 – saluting the ideals of a democracy that are apparently still intact in our country. The birth of Telangana from the state of Andhra Pradesh was a major milestone in Indian politics that further aggravated the wants of other larger states to be bifurcated. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao hoisted the flag tied to a 291-ft tall mast, on the occasion of state’s second formation day, celebrating the freedom and independence after a really tedious and long struggle.

Since 2014, Telangana has grabbed the headlines for many wrong reasons, but none can deny that their growth in this period has been commendable.

Telangana had a rocky start with an abysmal power supply due to technical problems in the two thermal power plants in Vijaywada and Kothagudem thermal power plants. But the situation improved with time to such an extent that now there is uninterrupted supply of power in the entire state.

Further, the state government understood the power of start-ups and upcoming technology that they decide to bask in the glory of IT. The T-Hub is an initiative between the government and key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem, consisting of a panel of mentors who are available to the start-ups and aiding the progress with the help of government is one of the most laudable achievement of the state.

Of late, Telangana has instilled a major achievement in its jurisdiction by tying up with Apple in the formulation of the company’s upcoming technology development centre, which is the very first outside the US. This highlights the magnitude of business prospects of the state while trying to attract investments from abroad.


The government has done intensive research about various welfare and development schemes which could be implemented. Also, they have undertaken the re-designing of irrigation projects with the intention of deriving optimum benefits. Though the state is receiving cooperation from Maharashtra and Karnataka in building irrigation projects, the Andhra Pradesh government is allegedly creating hurdles.

There have been several populist measures too that have been implemented in these two years like pensions, free education, which were promised earlier. With all such schemes – like the Palamuru lift irrigation scheme, Kaleswaram projects and Mission Bhagiratha, Telangana promises a future full of hope and better conditions than those in existence.

Though the state has performed well considering the controversies it was swamped in initially, there are certain things that still need to be taken care of. The CM has promised new districts that would be formulated since the Dasara festival this year, which requires attention to be paid to the administration and application of the welfare schemes designed for the population.

The second major challenge would be to bring about balanced growth through the state. Presently there is quite a bit of concentration in three districts: Hyderabad, Rangareddi and Medak. It will be a challenge to introduce this kind of growth for the existing and new districts. The growth should be widened to bring about equitable development across the state.

And like any other state, they have to focus on societal issues and delivering what was promised to all the arenas they cater to. The development has been quite significant and they have managed to come out of the swamp and gracefully swim in it.

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