Traffic Jams: A Nuisance

Traffic jams nowadays are not a big deal. Infact, no traffic jam at some peak hour of the day or at some important junction is something astonishing.

This problem is not only present in the metropolitan cities of the country, but also in the other parts of the country. My visit to Hyderabad, a few months back, broke my illusion that this problem persists only in the former.

Everyday, if one picks up any local daily magazine of the city or any national newspaper of the country, he / she can see atleast one picture / news report on the traffic jam in the near by area / in any part of the country. Traffic jams are so commonplace that they fail to make news anymore. Traffic jams are no longer dependant on the weather conditions. You get on the roads anytime of the day, at any place, in any weather, you are most likely to get stuck in traffic. Gone are the days when traffic jams were restricted to monsoons, nowadays there is traffic all the time.

The reasons why traffic jams occur are many. There’s a different explanation for them at every next junction or traffic signal. It normally, starts from the basic problem of poor condition of the roads. The uneven surface causes the speed of the traffic to slow down. Furthermore, the reasons behind such uneven roads are many. It forms a whole range of permutation and combinations. The material used for the construction of these roads is not upto the mark and hence, the latter does not stay even for long and wears out easily due to excessive pressure. Why such a material is used, would drag us into a vicious circle and pull us out of line of the topic.

The condition of these roads deteriorates even more when the weather conditions are not good, especially during the monsoons.

Moving ahead from the poor road conditions, the blockages due to accidents and road mishaps, deviations, diversions etc. due to construction sites add to the vows. The situation gets worse when the road is already narrow and is one of the important routes of the city. One can relate to this the horrible traffic jam, daily at all hours, at Naraina, on the Ring road, in New Delhi.

Sometimes, traffic jams can be caused due to disobedience of traffic rules and low levels of strictness over observing these rules. This is something that I noticed on my visit to Hyderabad, where almost 90% of the traffic jam was due to this reason.

In New Delhi, the capital of the country, there is one very distinguishing reason for the problem. The culture here is to use materialistic things to show one’s status in society. Also, the market for personal loans has widened up so much that anyone can take a loan, to buy things that he or she cannot afford, with immense ease. Because of these two factors, the number of cars that are added on Delhi roads each day, is of a very high value, almost close to 900 new cars . Apart from the new cars added each day, Delhi provides home for approximately 60 lakhs vehicles. To add on, people migrating from other cities aggravate the problem further .