Traffic Rules: Unheard, disobeyed and disrespected!!

TrafficSince the emergence of civilization, the life of a man is governed by certain rules and regulations that inculcate in him a sense of discipline and a feeling of cohesive living. These rules govern our activities and restrain us from trespassing our boundaries and threatening the security of others. Whenever we move out of our shell, we have to comply with the regulations laid down by the organisations catering to the welfare of mankind.

‘Traffic Rules’ belong to one such category and convey us our responsibilities, as and when we step on the road. But it’s disheartening to bring to light the fact that in the present era, these rules are challenged and thrown to air while the authorities are in a state of deep slumber. The Indian roads are reeling heavily under the burden of ever-increasing population that has paved way for a sudden rush of vehicles. Life on the road has become a nightmare; both for the pedestrians and the drivers. While the vehicle drivers flung red lights, over speed, the passers-by stroll down the road as and when they feel leaving aside the zebra crossings. Such careless attitude leads to traffic jams, increased accidents and road rage. The heated arguments and brutal fights on the road are a result the frustration caused due to irresponsible behaviour of people and disregard toward of the traffic rules. Adding insult to injury are the biker riders vrooming down the road, going zigzag and hunting for every inch of space to poke their bike in.

Another concern is the increase in the count of animals such as cows, dogs and others, roaming in the middle of the road as if it’s a jungle and humans are aliens who’ve entered their territory by mistake. All this clearly highlights the negligence shown by the concerned authorities in discharging their duties.

The solution to this scenario is way beyond the singular efforts of an individual and requires contribution from each and every road-user. The public transportation system has to undergo a massive revolution and come up with some air-conditioned maintained buses to cater to the needs of the upper-middle class so that they have an incentive to step out of their private vehicles. This can be followed by increasing the road tax and car prices so that we see a gradual decline in the count of vehicles on the road. Further, the conditions of the Indian roads have to undergo a complete makeover, with special focus to the open-manholes, water-logging and proper streaming of the traffic by bringing in the ‘Lane’ culture.

Hence, it’s time to react and put our ideas into practise so that when we greet others “Happy Journey”, we really mean it!!

Ishant Arora