Training an Adopted Dog

So you wanted a dog and went across to local dog shelter and adopted a dog. Now what? First thing to take note of is that the dog that you have adopted needs house training and has to be trained to behave in an home environment.

The dog you have adopted is probably not used to living in confined areas and has to be made comfortable to be living in small and confined spaces. One of the best ways to house train the dog you have adopted is to put it in a cage or crate.

What one needs to do is make the dog feel that that crate/cage is a safe place to be in. This can be done through various ways like feeding the adopted dog food in the crate/cage or by making the dog get inside the cage to receive a reward.

Once your new adopted god has developed a positive mindset towards the cage then you can use it keep a look out for the dog or when you are stepping out of the house. One of the important things to take into account is that your new adopted dog should never make mistakes inside the house. You can do this by keeping an eye out for it.

In the next stage of house training give your adopted dog positive feedback for going out of the house. Make sure that the adopted dog doesn’t go out of the house on its own. You should always accompany your adopted dog while going out and reward the dog for going out of the house.

Incase you find your adopted dog going outside the house without your permission then make sure that the punishment is not too harsh as this could have adverse effects on the house training. Harsh punishment will result in the dog not coming inside the house as it will feel that it is going to be punished.

If your adopted dog makes mistakes inside the house then only stop the behaviour through interruption. Take the dog outside immediately and then reward the dog once it has redeemed itself.

It is very important that you catch the adopted during the process of it making a mistake. Punishing the dog post the mistake will only confuse the dog and the training will become more difficult to implement.

A common problem that causes people to abondon dogs and leave them in shelters is the lack of house training given by their previous owners. It is possible to train adopted dogs well and once trained they can be great pets. So go ahead and adopt a dog but make sure that you house train it well.