Triple Whammy, Triple Talaq: Woes Of Gender Conduct

sectsoversexIn a latest bid to promote equality, Muslim women have demanded to ban triple talaq and family polygamy from the civil law in top court, as it reeks nothing but of sexism, and degrading post that still should be held by women, because their culture demands it.

Supreme Court of India is currently hearing a petition filed by women’s rights activists who want the judiciary to declare triple talaq, where Muslim men can divorce by simply stating their intention three times verbally, as unconstitutional. The Constitution of India allows most religions, including Muslims, the biggest religious minority group, to regulate matters such as marriage, divorce and inheritance through their own civil code.

Thinking of these occurrences, many would dismiss them as unwanted and unnecessary, as it intends to portray the supremacy of one gender over another, entirely diminishing the need for equality that is the utmost need, for a better and much more economical world.

However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), a non-governmental body which oversees the application of Muslim personal law, opposes any ban on triple talaq and polygamy. The reason citing beat the stupidity and the essence of these practices.

The clerics have told that triple talaq is necessary, as men have greater reasoning than women, hence more capable of handling such a power, which is meant to collapse the institution of a marriage. Such stereotypical and sexist notion, implying that women are the weaker sex, both physically and intellectually, is the justification for the existence of triple talaq. Also, triple talaq is better than having the wife being burned by the husband or killed, because we really cannot harm or control or act against the gender of male, they are nothing less than gods, obviously.

The world knows women are dumb, he said nothing different. The world is still seemingly okay with the fact that such stereotypes exists and are perpetuated by learned sages, and also by the twitterati generation with the help of trolls and jokes. Has a day ever passed, wherein a woman hasn’t been made fun because of her stereotypically and worldly accepted dumbness?

Moving on, the justification for polygamy comes in the form that it is a ‘social need’ and a ‘blessing’. It is better to feel cheated by a lawfully second wife than a mistress right? The presence of many wives, just soothes out the concept of a husband doing wrong and demolishing the sanctity of a relationship. And also, it gives a chance for a widowed or a divorced women to get married again.

The argument put forth by AIMPLB is nothing but misogynistic and downright unrespectable towards women. It perpetuates patriarchy, the same patriarchy that has killed, suffocated, burned and silenced women all over the world.

In a secular and democratic country like India, religious laws could not overwrite the constitutional right to equality, or can they because it is religionized? How authentic is the judgment or the viewpoint?

It requires greater awareness and understanding from we Muslims, greater wisdom from our leaders and greater determination from the political class to bring Indians closer to a Uniform Civil Code. A uniform code that is way beyond patriarchy and sexism that tends to make the controlling of women easier. A code that gives voice to many without compromising on any.

Movements have been initiated, so as to bring women on the same platform as men, to give them the same opportunities and choices, and maybe some few lucky miraculous chances. However, pulling them down to another misogynistic level, using the shield of religion is a tremendous blow to what all feminists aim to achieve throughout the world.

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper