True Believer – A Book Review

Just like all other Nicholas Sparks novels, this one too, has romance as its central theme. But unlike other Nicholas Sparks novels, this one has more to it than just romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Sparks writes. In fact, I’m halfway through owning his entire collection, a huge fan that I am of his. His books have this happy feel about them – even though a lot of them have sad endings (Read: The Guardian, A Walk to Remember). Still, his choice of words makes all his stories surreal and you yearn for more of it.

Speaking of the True Believer, it tells the story of Jeremy Marsh, a scientific journalist from New York who ventures into a small town-Boone Creek, all set to unravel the mystery of the unexplained lights that appear frequently at the Cedar Creek Cemetery making it seem spooky. Jeremy, being scientific minded, does not believe in anything that is supernatural. He believes that every phenomenon, everything that happens has some logic to it if you delve deep inside. This is why he is determined to prove the  people of the town wrong; to prove that irrespective of what age-old legends say, it’s not the ghosts of the cemetery that cause these lights on foggy nights. Amidst all this, Jeremy meets Lexie, the librarian of the town library and, in just two meetings, falls in love with her. Lexie, though loved by all the townsfolk and desired by a lot of the men in Boone Creek, is the kind of woman who likes to do her own work, remain busy and keeps to herself. Her first impression of Jeremy is that of a smug city boy but gradually as they spend time together, she realizes he’s different and, dropping all her defenses, she falls in love with him. Further, the story revolves around how the mystery of the lights is slowly revealed (yes, it had a scientific reasoning behind it) and how Jeremy and Lexie make their relationship work despite the gazillion hurdles in their way.

It’s another well written story by Nicholas Sparks, where he forays into mystery but the background theme still remains romance (We can’t take that away from him, it’s his USP!). The characters are extremely strong built; Lexie’s grandmother- Doris, The town deputy sheriff – Rodney, Mayor Gherkin, all have well etched roles and overall, this one makes for a good read for anyone who is interested in Nicholas Sparks and romance!


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