True Convection Oven

The true convection oven uses heat generated by the oven to stir up a convectional current inside the oven’s cavity. It is a great home use product. True convection oven requires lesser time than the other primitive types of ovens out there. A True convection oven can be used to heat up and even cook at lower temperature requirements. The true convection oven is every housewife’s best friend. Being able to cook at lower temperatures, the true convection oven avoids the risk of burning the food they heat.

Cooking with the true convection oven becomes much simpler. In minutes the food can be cooked. All kinds of food can be heated or cooked in the true convection oven. The true convection oven is an item of great utility.  It is compact does not take up too much of space and is easy to clean and maintain.

A lot of people believe that the true convection oven is like an over priced glorified toaster. True convection ovens produce even and uniform heating. The “European” or “true” convection oven has 3 heating elements. Therefore it blows pre heated air into the chamber, rather than disturbing the heated air already inside. These take much lesser time to cook as compared to radiating ovens or the normal convection ovens.

The taste of food is more flavourful and moist. Baked items are evenly baked and even cakes and pastries turn out to be better. When a person uses multiple racks, the food itself won’t interfere with the heating.

The use of true convection oven has become increasingly common. The true convection ovens are rapidly being used in all restaurants across the world and they are no longer limited to only high end hotels. The true convection oven is a friend to everyone who uses it. It is easy to use and is highly efficient.