Trust You, Yes I do

Betray me, if you can,

I’d like to wait and watch.

I know your intentions better than

You would ever care.

Jealousy is not my forte,

nor is green envy.

I know you belong where

You should.

I know it’s in my heart.

Try walking away from me,

I know your legs

won’t cooperate.

As many steps as you want

May you walk,

I’d like to see the distance,


Run with all your might,

I’m sure you won’t let go of me.

Let your eyes wander,

As far and wide, as the sight

May allow.

Yet, I know they’ll search for me

Even in the madding crowd.

Thoughts are meant to flow,

I know yours do too.

Let them flow far and wide,

Weaving in and out of fantasies,

I’d like to see you

Think a single thought devoid of me.

I trust, you won’t leave me,

At the any cost one might quote.

Trust you, I do,

With more than my soul.

Yes, I do.

N. Trikala Satya

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