Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie is a renowned American best-selling author, sports writer , a lyricist, journalist , radio broadcaster , screenwriter , playwright ,and an accomplished musician. He was born in 1958 in New Jersey. He spent his learning years in Brandeis University and Columbia University. His writing career began in the 1980’s and he has been with the Detroit Free Press since 1985. He is also a panelist on the ESPN’s “Sports Reporters”. He has been a known writer with a nuanced way of putting together all the inspirational approaches to life. To mention few of his works post Tuedays With Morrie include Five Days IN Heaven (2003), For One More Day(2006).

Tuesday’s With Morrie was published in 1997 and is a book based on true inspiration and is a tribute by a student to his professor. The student is Mitch Albom and the professor is Morrie Schwartz .The whole book revolves around the two . For Mitch , it was the overt inspirational way of teaching that drew him close to Morrie ever since his college years , where Morrie was a sociology professor. It was on the last day of college that both of them exchanged a very emotional phase where Mitch promises to keep in touch with his mentor. However leading a fast paced life as a journalist, a family to take care of, and the varied ambitions that normally a person resounds in , Mitch never kept up to his promise and 16 nasty years passed by, when one day a TV channel aired a piece of news, whereby Mitch learns of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) , the antagonist in the plot , with which his professor Morrie was said to be diagnosed. And here is where the whole inspiration begins as Mitch packs his bags and plans a casual trip to Massachusetts to visit his mentor. And this trip becomes a weekly stint where in the Tuesday’s were set apart for a wholesome walk down the inspirational lane together, a learning all over again or perhaps the first time ever for Mitch, which later gets translated in this book as his life’s greatest lessons rather for every person who flips through the pages of this truly heart wrenching read!

It is one of those mystical as well as peculiar sort of reality that is pictured which keeps the reader’s ownself as one of Morrie’s student or may be just wishing to be one. The first four chapters familiarise with the who- what- how of the whole story in terms of how Morrie in his 70’s began to show the signs of something unusual , perhaps about which only he was aware of and once he learnt he was going to die sooner or later , he adopted an all new approach to life by letting out words of wisdom which caught the attention of a local news channel , with Ted Koppel as the interviewer who with a total of 3 interviews calls Morrie his friend , by airing Morries words and thoughts in a short span of time the people from all around started writing to Morrie asking for his worldly opinions on life and death, seeking outright inspiration. Morrie never wanted anyone to be victimised with his death picture in their mind. His most loved activity which was swimming and dancing which he religiously followed in his good days became difficult to continue with once he got bed ridden, but he was a man of determination and his ideals made him an extraordinarily humble human being , one instance of his determination to keep the others out of his plight is the fact that his wife Charlotte continued with her profession of being a college professor even in the worst few last days of Morrie , and she did so because that was what he wanted , moreover the compassion and servitude of Morrie was such that it got induced in the many around him , who learnt to maintain the same calmness as him. With Mitch , the initial haste in him of not wasting a single moment in socialising or self-concern changed altogether once he met Morrie and realised a guilt and embarrassment gushing through his deeper self on seeing the extreme whole heartedness with he was welcomed by Morrie , gradually with the Tuesday lessons Morrie wishes that one day Mitch will see him as his “Friend”. Mitch unlearns his such ideals of “hardwork” and “time is money” and instead is aggrieved to realise that he has already lost on a lot of things that actually determined life.