Turning the Last Stone

Life comes with its own accomplishments and the associated challenges which require a lot of strength to handle. It is always said that “The darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn”. So when a person gets exhausted from life, by disheartening successive trials, by unending struggles in the absence of any ray of hope, at that moment, they tend to end the process and give up. When it seems that all the invested efforts are wasted and the destination is impossible to reach, one should understand that may be it is the last most difficult step to cover. By this article, I want to enlighten the reader, about the principle of retaliation. This means that the amount of positive energy a person invests in a specific work, it retaliates back in some or the other form, and it never gets wasted. So we should be positive about whatever work we tend to do and should develop this habit of being patient and positive till the last stone is left unturned. You never know, may be your treasure lies in the last stroke itself. For example, a laborer in order to break a stone beats it ninety nine times and leaves it and some other laborer breaks it in the next stroke itself. The hundredth stroke was the most important one as it involved maximum endurance, so just be optimistic about the last stroke in life.

Positive thinking does all the work for you, even the fear of failure inspires the person to achieve success. Everyday something good happens in one’s life may be a very minute thing, but as we grow up, we feel every day is the same, it’s because we fail to observe the good things happening around us.  The world is not exactly a threatening place, even if it seems so; it has lot of things which can be appreciated. The need of the hour is to remove the pre supposed assumptions which make the minutest and the easiest things the most complicated in life.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

Image Source: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/alasis/3517091201/]