Tushar Sharma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister


Mr. PM

Politics is known to be a game of masterminds. Normally people do not have a dream to be a political leader. Either, there surroundings don’t make them even think of it or they think that they need to be a dirty game player to be a star in it. For obvious reasons though!

During my childhood, when the leaders were smart and very clever in handling their image it actually made me believe that I do not possess the competency of being a politician. (I am skilfully avoiding the word “leader” while writing this letter to you).

To be apt and accurate with whatever they do or say. To create panic among the opposition with act or words, to maintain solidarity and hygiene around there name regardless of so many things happening around. Trust me when I say that the role looked challenging despite or all the comforts and special privileges that come along with it.

But, to my surprise things have changed drastically. I feel that the flavour of politics has deteriorated drastically. Or should I say that the pedigree isn’t that good. Earlier it was hard to determine the worst however it is much harder now to determine a serious candidate to have a logical conversation with.

Few days back my relatives were here and as usual, a debate was being aired with many well renowned politicians in it. During that debate, my nephew said “Uncle why are you watching this when it does not make any sense?”

Out of curiosity or you can say  for fun, I asked him why does he think so. To which his answer was that he can easily identify that the person is lying or does not have a concrete answer then why can’t you figure that?

Honestly, I thought that it is because I have seen it over the years and that is why I can relate to what he is referring to but the question is whether I am really sure that my age is the reason why I can understand truly illogical and wavered statements by big guns or is it really a downgraded version of politics which can easily be determined by a 13 year old kid.

Every now and then we see a politician waving gun at a toll or changing there statement within a span of 24 hours. Statements like Girls invite trouble by wearing revealing clothes or a leader asking his followers to be a little gentle while being a dacoit and the list is so vast that I can’t even remember it.

Sir, my question to you is pretty simple. I believe that you have the strongest of position and as a Prime Minister, you hold the responsibility of maintaining the standards not only in politics but in every filed where India’s performance or stature is measured. Then why during the tenure of last 8 years that you have leaded this culturally rich country I have never heard a statement from your mouth or a warning where you have asked your subordinates to maintain the decorum in this country? When there is a question on coal scam or on your party I have seen you speaking at times or supporting UPA but is it about your party? Is protecting your party members or defending them is a part of your responsibility or should I say that is the only responsibility? Why are you quite on issues where thousand crores are floated in a scam and on the contrary have no say when the poverty line is drawn at Rs. 32 per individual?

My analysis became much stronger after watching the presidential debate of America and the first question that came to my mind was – Can we really reach such standards? May be that is the reason why they have been leading are the leading country in the world and value human lives more then anything else.

As per dictionary, the meaning of word leader means – “A leader by its meaning is one who goes first and leads by example, so that others are motivated to follow him. This is a basic requirement. To be a leader, a person must have a deep-rooted commitment to the goal that he will strive to achieve it even if nobody follows him!”

My question is whether you would like me to be inspired by you or follow your footsteps?


Tushar Sharma

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.