Tussle for a title- Babri Masjid/ Ram Mandir verdict

The dispute is 60 years old, innumerable lives have been lost for the sake of a mere land title. Whether you call it Ram’s birthplace or debris of an erstwhile Babri Masjid, the land will remain as fertile or futile as it is. Yet, it might not surprise those who have witnessed the macabre bloodbath of 1992, when a Hindu mob turned Babri Masjid to ruins resulting in more than 2000 lives being lost in the aftermath.

Over the years, construction of Ram temple has been Bharatiya Janata Party’s sole agenda and food for survival. Though vague attempts at framing a secular image were made during the last election, later the party made it apparent that nothing has changed.
The ruling party, Congress on the other hand, has used the same matter to turn Muslim votes in its favor by portraying a secular image. But the reality remains that nothing has been done in the name of secularity or humanity. The mass murderers are still moving around freely as cases against them lay pending.

The storm has abated for the time being, as the verdict has been postponed till 28th September. But the vibes foretell it might be the silence before the inevitable communal riots.

An old ally of BJP, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) city unit leader said that the members of the Bajarang Dal and VHP will launch a campaign of chanting Hanuman Chalisa to pressurize the government to agree to build Ram Mandir. “We are not responsible for any violence if the court verdict goes against us” he further warned.
Though Hindus form 80 percent of the population, we cannot forget that we are a secular nation, where every community has equal right to preach and practice its faith in harmony. So isn’t there any remedy to this malaise?

A junior lawyer of Delhi High Court argues, “There can be a diplomatic solution. You can build the Ram temple and a Mosque by its side which can satisfy both the communities”. I wonder if it is really a solution. Why can’t we think different?

“Why don’t they just build an orphanage or hospital in Ayodhya? The end result will help us in future”, says Priyabrata Bhattacharjee, 24, an MBA student from Bengaluru. But the question is will our voices ever reach the deaf ears?

Debojit Dutta

Image Source:[http://chandrakantha.com/articles/indian_music/filmi_sangeet/media/1992_Babri_Masjid.jpg]