TV is finally coming Off-Age

Gone are those days when every month on a specific Sunday your cable wala would ring your doorbell and ask for the monthly charges. Now it’s time for direct-to-home services. Or as it is called “DTH”. You could just get your dth recharged online. Introduction of dth has made life of the common man simple. Now, you won’t be disturbed every month on a lazy Sunday to pay your cable charges. You don’t have to call the cable operators office to get a certain sports channel to watch a match. You get to choose the channels you want to watch and don’t have to pay for other unwanted regional channels. Just recharge online for the channels that you watch. All this and more, thanks to DTH.

So what is this DTH all about?? The first dth service was introduced by Sky Television plc in 1989 in The United Kingdom. It’s a different thing that the dishes at that time very huge if not gigantic. Today’s dish which is less than a diameter looks like a miniature dish of the 1990’s dish. The first DTH service in India was introduced by Dish TV in 2004. And many more companies followed the trend. The booming and growing dth industry has almost wiped the traces of the local cable services. It won’t be long before the local cable operators are extinct like the dinosaur.

This extinction would be justified as well because dth services have an edge over local cable operators. They provide high definition picture quality with better audio quality. Users don’t have to pay for unwanted channels which are never watched. The users get to select channels of his interest. There are also on-demand movies which a user can watch with his family at his home. Lately they have introduced a new service where in live match or program can be recorded and can be viewed later. And also dth can be recharged at the click of a button.

DTH in India is booming at a very rapid pace. One of the best performing DTH is Videocon d2h. Videocon d2h is latest entrant in the dth industry but in spite of this fact it has done tremendously well. In fact in the 2 quarter of 2011 i.e. April to June Videocon d2h was the best performing dth. Adding about 7 lakh new customers. Videocon d2h has been miles ahead of Reliance BIG TV and Airtel Digital TV it is now directly giving Dish TV and Tata Sky a run for their money.

Videocon d2h has the highest number of channels which is 330 channels these include most of the popular channels. Videocon d2h also has the highest number of regional channels in orrisa, bengali and marathi. This dth provider also has the highest number of Asli HD channels i.e High definition channels. The dth service provided by Videocon in India is such a huge hit because it is very rich in content but is quite affordable as opposed to Tata sky which is very expensive.

Videocon d2h is the fastest growing DTH services in India with 300 Channels and Services. It has highest number of Asli DTH HD Channels , highest number of sports channels, leading GEC channels, highest number of regional language channels in Kannada, Bengali, Marathi.

Nawab Singh