TVP Chat: India After Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly And Laxman


Ever since the recent spot fixing scandal and with new players being exposed everyday , it somehow leads us to think of those legendary players who glorified Indian cricket and made it what it is for the people of this country.

The Viewspaper conducted a twitter chat on “India after Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman” yesterday with eight panelists that included a number of different people with a common love for cricket. Here is what they had to say about some of the questions currently on everyone’s mind.

The fate of Indian cricket following a series of retirements, the difference between the greats and the new bunch of players, junior cricket and the end of an era were some of the major questions thrown at them.

On being asked what went right for India that we were able to produce so many great players in the 80’s , one of our panelists Venkat Anath stresses the 1983 world cup win , following which everyone wanted to play cricket.


Questioned about the end of an era, most believe that these players cannot be replaced. Many also feel that given time, our current players will also take the game forward after all legends do not emerge overnight.

With so many of India’s best and our favorites retiring we hope that Indian cricket can keep up. We will definitely miss them and continue to hold them high.

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Pavithra Parekh

Image Courtesy [The Viewspaper]