Twenty20 WC: Not for the faint-hearted!


After churning out their way to the semi-finals, the team11 and the billion supporters were all geared up for the big encounter, the India-Australia match. While Australia had the title of ‘World Champions’ to bank upon, India had the experience of Yuvraj, Dhoni, Harbhajan along with the raw aggression of youngsters like Sreesanth, Rohit Sharma and many more. While Yuvraj’s savage assault on Stuart Broad, when he thrashed him for a record six continuous sixes in an over, already proved his spectacular form (oh gosh! That’s too exciting and a simply unforgettable moment for a die-hard fan…. my apologies for the poor England bowler who had to reel under the fury of his power strokes!), Sreesanth and Harbhajan had a steady and dead on target line and length. And above all the revenge for making up for the 2002 World Cup loss to Australians and the poor display of teamwork in WC 2007 still gripped their mind and posed a challenge for the fighter Indian team.

The day had arrived, the battlefield (the pitch) was set, the coin was tossed, the calls were made and lo! It favoured the Indians. Without a second thought, the captain, M.S. Dhoni appointed to bat out their skills in this deadly clash against the Aussies. The Indian stroke play was well backed by Yuvraj’s blistering knock of 70 out of 30 balls and Dhoni’s quick 36 of 18 balls that set the stage on fire and shaped the expectations and belief of Indian Cricket Lovers. Each stroke that was carved out of the batsmen’s willow was witnessed and cheered by millions of screaming voices with admiration in their hearts and dreams in their eyes. With channelized teamwork, the Indians were able to put up a respectable total of 188 runs to defend. After a balanced start, the Aussies were always in a lookout for some out of place balls to keep the situation under control. But thanks to the spot on spell of Sreesanth and Harbhajan that brought back the game in India’s favour whenever it seemed to drift away from us. Finally, the wickets of well set Hayden and Symonds made the Indian supporters jump out of their seats in unparalleled excitement and stamped the Indian flag on the first semis of the World Cup Twenty20 history.

And hey! For all those who are already mesmerized by imagining the thrill of victory, its time to return to your senses as the much-awaited and hyped Indo-Pak final is still queued up to crown the 1st Twenty20 champion whose name will inaugurate the record books of this game. With our bowlers and batsmen hitting form in the nick of time, a buoyant India will seek to carry the momentum as they go into the high-voltage final on Monday.

Cheers n luck to the Men in Blue!!

Ishant Arora