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The author of Twilight (the very first book of the Twilight series) Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  She pursued her Bachelors in English Literature from Brigham Young University in 1997.

Twilight, her debutant novel received worldwide recognition with a sale of 100 million copies.

Twilight is an unbelievably beautiful love saga of a seventeen year old teenage girl, Isabella Swan and a thoroughly gentle vampire Edward Cullen. The book captures the heart and soul of the readers and eventually hypnotizes them to believe and cherish a force called Unconditional Love.

Interestingly, as claimed by Ms. Meyer the main plot of Twilight, actually a romantic sequence of scenes portrayed in a meadow between Bella, an average teenage girl and Edward – a lovely vampire being in love and discussing the problems being faced by their relationship (Chapter 13 of the book), was a dream that she saw one night. So deeply fantasized, she started penning down what she saw and eventually, being completely gripped by her characters and encouraged by her elder sister, went on to shape it into a novel.

Genre and Appeal
The genre of this novel is young adult thrilling romance. Twilight, though with elements of horror and suspense, turns out to be a very intense love story. It has a huge fan following especially from teenage girls and women.

Personally, Twilight was nothing less than sweet magic to me. Being in love and realizing its beauty and divinity, I firmly believe in the whole concept of giving up one’s all to and for that one special someone. I adored the characters Bella and Edward and surprisingly discovered Bella within myself. The accuracy and beauty of the writer’s description, a refreshing out of the box storyline and most importantly depiction of moral values were some aspects in the book which make it one of my most prized possessions.

Protagonists and Storyline
Isabella Swan: Bella an average looking seventeen year old girl, has just shifted to Forks, a small rainy town in the northwest of Washington state to live with her father Charlie. She’s moved here from the pleasantly sunny, Phoenix where she used to live with her mother Renee, to let her travel with her new husband Phil Dawyer-a minor league basketball player. Bella is clumsy, very gullible (keeps getting herself into trouble) and stubborn. Amicable and soft, she is easily befriended by a lot of students on the very first day of her high school and grabs kilos of male attention, though unintentionally. Her best traits include her fearlessness to confront the adversities on her way and an unflinching commitment towards her relationship with Edward.

Edward Cullen – Edward is an unbelievably gorgeous vampire who is described by Bella as – inhumanly beautiful, pale skinned, magical voice, cold lips, perfect face, crooked smile and a muscular body. His sweet breath and penetrating eyes are highly enchanting to her. Like all vampires, he possesses supernormal abilities like power, muscular strength, sharp mind, abnormally high speed, etc. But Edward and his vampire coven are very humane and ethical, as they feed on animal blood instead of human, unlike other vampires. To his bewilderment, Edward can read everyone’s minds except Bella’s. A little dominating and overprotective, he considers Bella’s safety and happiness as his responsibility.

Isabella Swan on her first day of high school in Forks runs into the strangest family in town, the Cullens. While she is still unable to come eyeball to eyeball with their charm, she is abruptly nauseated by Edward. After a disappearance of a few days, Edward gets interactive with her. Bella starts suspecting his abilities and existence after a bad accident, wherein Edward manages to stop a car with his mere hand and thus saves Bella’s life. Disturbed as she is, Bella doesn’t stop bombarding Edward with questions. In the meantime, she runs into an old family friend Jacob Black, who narrates to her, scary tribal legends.

All of this urges Bella to believe that Edward, as a matter of fact all of the Cullens are vampires. But this disclosure is no deterrent for her to keep distant from Edward, the thought of which sends shivers down her spine. Bella’s obstinacy and fearlessness leaves Edward with no option but to confess the truth. He reveals that he was trying to stay away from her as the fragrance of her blood tempted him. As time passes by, Edward and Bella eventually fall in love. Fearing that Bella is risking her life, Edward perpetually warns her to break all ties with him, but she has already made her choice. Edward’s desire to quench his thirst for human blood, which is much beyond his intended control. His unconditional love for Bella is remarkably portrayed in the book.

Bella and Edward’s lovey-dovey relationship is put to a harsh test when James, a horrifying vampire determines to hunt Bella. The Cullens pull all stops to save Bella’s life. She is separated from Edward and taken to hide in a hotel in Phoenix.

The climax, the spontaneity of actions and Bella’s thought process in the meantime are the most nail biting parts of the book.

Personal opinions:
Twilight, apart from being a 434 page love saga, proved to be an endearing experience , an insight powerful enough to grasp my introspection completely. In the age of one night stands and flings, Bella and Edward’s passionate love story was an ultimate joyride distant from the over practicality of our fast paced lives. Their dedication and sincerity towards each other, the ethics and principles of the Cullens and the beautiful description by Bella kept me totally glued to the novel.

The book has been written in a very poised fashion, cautious enough, not to offend anybody or to consciously arouse voyeurisms. There is no unprovocative sex, drug or alcohol use or use of filthy language in the book. Refreshing though unbelievable, the book is highly recommended for readers who are sentimental and idealistic.

In my opinion, the author wants to bridge circumstantial and social barriers in society, through Bella and Edward’s unique relationship. Unrealistic though, Twilight lays emphasis on the sanctity of the force, called love, be it between two humans or between a human and a vampire.

In all, an enjoyable, thrilling and addictive read, certainly impactful and powerful enough to drive the readers to ask for more.

Nikita Dhingra

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