As this pen flows today- solitude in this room reigns

But it’s disturbed- by screams of silence, wales of laughter,

Hiccups and tears, things undone, words unsaid

It’s all in this eclipsed heart of mine

It’s all in this darkness-retrospect of love and life no matter how short,

I gaze back, all is smoke and mirrors should things have been different?

My heart refuses to answer, could things have been different?

Some one says yes.

I start crawling forth, for some reason I see it,

It’s clearer than the past, each murmur soars,

I awake, more darkness now pinches, solitude troubles

I need light

I live such illusions

I don’t say- no regrets, there are some, more than some of past people

I want them back

I also need the future- to bind with the past, but present seems so uncertain!

Jayati Khurana