TWILIGHT: A vampire’s romance

“Twilight,” considered to be one of the most romantic Hollywood movies was released in the Philippines in November, 2008. Its theme is based on the novel, “Twilight” written by Stephenie Meyer. Melissa Rosenberg wrote a screenplay for Twilight which has been adapted into a film by Summit Entertainment. Catherine Hardwicke directed the film. Kriste
n Stewart and Robert Pattinson played the lead roles- Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, respectively. Catherine had previously directed the films:” Thirteen” and “The Nativity Story”. The eye catching cast included- Peter Facinelli (as Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Elizabeth Reaser (as Esme Cullen), Billy Burke (as Charlie Swan), Cam Gigandet (as James), Ashley Greene (as Alice Cullen), Nikki Reed (as Rosalie), Taylor Lautner (as Jacob), and Jackson Rathbone (as Jasper).

Plot overview

“Twilight” portrays the story of a teenage girl, Bella Swan, who moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her father. Here, at her high school, she falls in love with a mysterious and charismatic student, Edward Cullen. Bella is often portrayed as having low self-esteem who finds it difficult to comprehend her love for Edward. However, Edward is determined to push Bella away, though attracted towards her He also saves her from a mishap, with his supernatural powers. Edward warns her to leave him because he was hiding a dark secret which was only known to his family, the Cullens. Bella soon figures out that Edward is different and not a human. Edward was a vampire who had the supernatural ability of mind reading, which other vampires lacked. He could read anyone’s mind, apart from Bella’s, who was immune to his supernatural powers.  He was not like anyone Bella had ever met. He was intelligent and witty. He could run faster than wind. He could stop a moving car with his bare hands. He didn’t drink human blood as he and his family was unique, among vampires. Despite knowing the fact that Edward was a vampire, Bella did not stop loving him. Against all odds, the two fell in love and their unconventional love began. They soon discovered that their romance made them susceptible to danger. Bella was struck by Edward’s foe, James (a vampire), who wanted to kill her but eventually failed. Edward successfully rescued Bella out of James evil trap and returned to Forks, having killed James.

The tone of the movie however, does not match with that of the book. The story was supposed to be of a dream world: one where vampires and werewolves existed. The two protagonists- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did not do enough justice to their respective characters. Kristen’s facial expressions lacked emotions, which were required at certain points, in the movie. The words, “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore,” spoken by Edward could have aroused anyone, but Kristen’s expression was plain and depicted wickedness in her character.

Robert Pattinson did a far better job. He was able to charm the ladies in the audience and proved his charismatic vampire traits. However, had the chemistry between the two been better it could have done wonders. The romance between Edward and Bella was limited. The screenwriter should have taken more time to delve into the roots of their relationship. The actors did justice to their respective roles but the acting talent could have been improved upon.


The camera work was outstanding. The close-ups were well defined and were aptly structured. A scene in which Bella and Edward stood on the top of a tree had a miraculous view, in the background. The visual effects were stunning. The incredibly high speed of vampires, during the baseball game scene, was eye catching.

Twilight soundtrack

The producer of the film used sensational soundtrack, throughout the movie. The provision of a lullaby song, for Bella, was absolutely amazing as it added uniqueness to the film production. The soundtrack unfolds the two style aspects of romance and anxiety, which makes it unique.

Personal views

Overall, I think the movie was well-done. It is an interesting and very compelling story. Movies cannot portray the exact picture of the book, so don’t compare it with the book. It portrays things differently but in an exciting way. The sequels of “Twilight”- New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn seem promising. New Moon has been released and is geared in continuation with Twilight, the other two are awaited. I would like to advise everyone to see this vampire’s romance, at least once, as I am sure they will enjoy it.

Manisha Adlakha

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